Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Bump In The Hump: May 31 (Season 6, Episode 5)


      Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Muneshine - Full Throttle (ft. Darcys)

      Although it's only May 31st, I believe summer has officially arrived. I got my first sunburn Sunday, this weekend is our first festival (Ever After) and Bump In The Hump is packed to the gills with warm, dance all night kind of tunes. Once again there's so much new music that I've had to hold quality tunes back.

      This week I've opted to focus on more bright, bouncy and funky fresh tunes. Of those qualities, Muneshine's "Full Throttle" is the ultimate exemplar. In fact it was this month last year that I finally got my hands on his remix of Grand Analog's "Let Disco," which ultimately set the tone for summer.

      Once again Muneshine has delivered delirium inducing funk that, as he puts it, is "about escaping what weighs you down." It's like a shot of helium to the heart. And that's exactly what I love so much about summer, you inevitably find some time to forget about any stresses or worries and let loose, just live life. Hit the open road with "Full Throttle" below, stream via Spotify and download via iTunes. Adding to the fun tonight on Bump In The Hump comes Funk Lords Chromeo with their exceptionally awesome take on Lorde's "Green Light." Staying with the summery theme, there's new Robotaki, brilliance from ZaGa and Orbiter, and bounce from Pat Lok and Loud Luxury. Finally, we get back to new episodes of My Mixtape this Friday with DeMiggs, who you'll hear from at the end of tonight's episode with a snippet of our conversation (full interview available Thursday). Bump In The Hump goes live tonight from 6-7 PM EDT only on Radio Humber, followed by My Mixtape Friday at 11.


      Tuesday, May 30, 2017

      Herzeloyde - myway

      Melbourne based producer Herzeloyde is making sure the world knows he's back in business, with the release of his track "myway." But the question remains, did he really leave us at all? Last Friday Cosmo's Midnight uploaded Herzeloyde's remix of "History" (as covered on FUXWITHIT here), and prior to that he released 5 track EP, 4D on Bandcamp on the 24th of February. Perhaps the genre tag #imback is in reference to his dark industrial sound which was missing from his "History" remix.

      "myway" is absolutely wicked, and I mean that in both possible ways: evil and awesome. It strikes me as the kind of music the evil empire would listen to while working on the Death Star. There's an ominous air about it, punctuated by heavy metal machinery and futuristic whoops and whirs. You cannot help but feel its dark energy deep in your core, infecting you with the desire to destroy any and all rebel forces. Think The Empire Strikes Back in track form, there's no denying the darkness has won. As of now, there is no download available, although my inclination would be to check his Bandcamp page in the coming days, as the vast majority of his catalog can be found there.


      Monday, May 29, 2017

      Torro Torro x Smalltown DJs - House Shake

      Eight months ago with the release of their Aylen collab "Designed 4 U" (as covered here), Torro Torro spoke with NEST HQ (here), hinting about more upcoming collaborations. Of course the promise of Torro Torro and Grandtheft/Autoerotique was a wicked one, but I was particularly interested in how they might work with Smalltown DJs, who are almost exclusively known for their house beats. The time has finally come for us to get a glimpse of that killer collab.

      "House Shake" is set to be released on Brillz's Twonk imprint June 9th, along with remixes from JVST SAY YES, Lil Texas and the bossman himself. Until then enjoy the stream below, just make sure your subwoofer is turned up to get some serious twerk action going. The bass is big enough that your booty will be bouncing even without any physical effort. Get in on the action with the pre-order, here. FOLLOW TORRO TORRO: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Murda Beatz ft. Swae Lee & 2 Chainz - Yacht Master (Leemz & Bosstone Edit)

      If you've ever ventured on Soundcloud for any period of time you've undoubtedly come across Leemz. He seems to live on Soundcloud, often being the first, second and third commenter on the hottest new tracks. But what you may not know is that he's not just an avid fan or top notch tastemaker, he's also a polished producer. Case in point his take on Murda Beatz "Yacht Master" (below). Working together with Bosstone, Leemz reworks the Swae Lee and 2 Chainz joint into a killer club weapon. Obviously the original has powerful pieces but this new version takes it from a BB gun to a bazooka in no time at all. It'll surely be blowing minds and having dancefloors bouncing like crazy for the foreseeable future. Follow Leemz's lead and get "Yacht Master" free via ToneDen here.


      Saturday, May 27, 2017

      STFU on Diplo and Friends

      I've been supporting Zak and Alex (aka STFU) both on this blog and on Bump In The Hump, and while a play on my radio show is something, it does not compare to getting a guest mix on Diplo and Friends. The dynamic duo have just uploaded their April mix to their soundcloud for streaming anytime. It's no wonder Get Right Records (who STFU's "Find That Girl" was released under) reposted and led me to the mix, because STFU is delivering some of the most twerk worthy music available at the moment. Of course Get Right Records is headed by Benzi, who is half of TWRK, and if you're like me, you've been waiting for another one of their incredible, exclusive-laden mixes, STFU have filled that void.

      According to 1001 Tracklists, they've filled their hour slot with a mind-blowing 54 tracks. This shows off not just their incredible taste, with tracks ranging from Boombox Cartel to Bruno Mars, but to jam all that action in that span shows serious skill in mixing. While we could be satisfied to stare in awe of the above, the best part of this mix is the insight into all of the productions Zak and Alex currently have in their collection. An astounding 31/54 tracks are credited to STFU. Whether it's one of their killer crafted mashups, exclusive remixes, forthcoming originals or even their cover of "Closer," there's no doubt this is their coming out party.

      Soon enough you won't be able to go to any club or listen to any mix without having STFU slap you in the face. I for one know I'll be coming back to this mix with frequency, at least until more of their originals are released, but even after to bask in their brilliant and blazing fast mixing skills.


      Friday, May 26, 2017

      Kehlani - Undercover (Coucheron Remix)

      I'm always intrigued by who pop artists have remix their tracks, it can be very telling (not necessarily of the artist themselves, but of their management). The best is when they find a remixer who not only fits the original artist's sound, but is also on the rise. It shows serious knowledge and allows for artistic progression. That is the case here with Coucheron getting the call to take on Kehlani's "Undercover."

      You may remember Coucheron as someone I wrote about in my multipurpose post (TBT/show review) showcasing Louis La Roche's remix of Lemaitre's "Splitting Colors." His, at the time, forthcoming originals "Puzzled" and "Loud" caught my attention right away, as did his "CoCo" remix, largely for his brilliant blend of poppy funk, RnB and feels laden future bass. I had no idea who he was coming into the show, but by the end had found a new and reliable purveyor of quality productions.

      It is that synthesis of sounds and styles that I'm so partial to, that makes Coucheron and his "Undercover" remix something I know I'll be coming back to all summer long. Right from the originally Akon lead line, the track oozes with a never-ending nostalgia, that somehow manages to remain fresh. The percussion and almost trampoline-like bass bounces lead the love Kehlani so craves in her lyrics. It's at times delicate striding through simple guitars riffs, while other times it devolves into an all kinds of epic future bass jam session. This is one of the coolest remixes you'll hear all summer, props going to Coucheron for the production, and Kehlani and her team for giving him the opportunity.

      Thursday, May 25, 2017

      Party Pupils - Patient

      Future funk duo Party Pupils, fresh off their remix of Lorde's "Green Light," just dropped their first original, "Patient." This debut has me absolutely dumbfounded. But if you've enjoyed their long list of remixes, the quality of "Patient" should come as no surprise. However there's something to be said about how easily they've transferred their brilliance into an entirely original production. Sure their previous work may technically be remixes, but they're basically building a new track from the ground up, working around the original acapella.

      So I guess what I'm saying is that these bearded boys have already established themselves highly capable, and have only doubled down on this, by doing everything in "Patient." It oozes with the most fun and fresh funk, the vocals are buttery brilliance and it's all capped off by mind blowing sound design in the drop (precisely the point that left me dumbfounded). Here's to hoping for more originals soon!As with all of Party Pupils' releases, "Patient" is available free via ToneDen. Get it here.


      Michael Jackson - Thriller (Louis La Roche Dub Mix)

      Three months after disco deity Louis La Roche put his touch on Michael Jackson's "Human Nature" (as posted here), he's taken on the king once again. This time he's hit us with a hair-raising remix of "Thriller." Once again he's got his hands on the original multi-tracks, putting them to good use, again amplifying the original while being careful not to negate any of its epic nature. The godly groove remains intact, but features a deeper and grittier growl that plays perfectly with the trepidatious, horror theme, especially present in the iconic video. Dancing to this dub comes easily, maybe even forcefully, infecting your feet with the funk of 40,000 years. Even though he's said "No more MJ remixes" I sincerely hope he changes his mind, as no mere mortal can resist the pairing of Louis La Roche and Michael Jackson. Be sure to pick up the remix of "Thriller" absolutely free, here. FOLLOW LOUIS LA ROCHE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Wednesday, May 24, 2017

      Bump In The Hump: May 24 (Season 6, Episode 4)

      • Junior Jack - Stupidisco (Angel Heredia & Jerome Robins Remix)
      • RYME - Libra Tendencies
      • London Grammar - Oh Woman Oh Man (Tiga Remix)
      • Smalltown DJs - How Could You
      • Jay Z - Public Service Announcement (Marco Marz Bootleg)
      • 50 Cent - In Da Club (Kavi Remix)
      • Alnath - Pull
      • Audiation - Back Again
        • Unreleased
      • Slushii x Marshmello - Twinbow (NATI x AWAL Bootleg)
      • Simtem - Elbows Up
      • Future Magic - Get Away (ft. Kye Munroe)
      • Fahjah - What We Could've Been (ft. Emma Chatt)
      • Yang & DJ Xquizit - Tiger Blood

      Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Jay Z - PSA (Marco Marz Bootleg)

      As teased in interviewMarco Marz released his Jay-Z "Public Service Announcement" bootleg this Monday. Obviously the promise of working with Hova's flows is appealing in itself, but it's the perfect fit with Marco's G-House style. He absolutely nails the retro vibes, building a thorough bass thump and simple yet precise percussion that plays perfectly with the piano. To top it all off, the spinbacks and other effects give the 2003 track a final polish. D/L it free & catch it tonight on Bump In The Hump. Marco Marz is surrounded by more thumping house, including BADLQQK brothers RYME, as well as Tiga, Smalltown DJs, Jerome Robins, and Kavi Indatissa with a remix of "In Da Club." There's also some hard stuff with Simtem, Nati, and an exclusive premiere from Audiation. We finish off with the feels from Future Magic, Fahjah and Yang. Tune in live tonight from 6-7 PM EDT on Radio Humber, and find all episodes cataloged here.


      Tuesday, May 23, 2017

      G-Buck - The Function (ft. Jesse Slayter & Aziz The Shake)

      Although we're on the opposite side of the calendar of Halloween, the latest from G-Buck screams haunted house party. "The Function," with help from Jesse Slayter and Aziz The Shake, emits a dark shadow from the speakers, as ominous as a death rattle. Picture the three hooded figures in the basement of your childhood nightmares performing part satanic ritual, part monster mash. It's like an evil, electro rock band. And for me that's the best part, imagining these three going ham, bringing about utter madness and malevolence from the wretched revelers. G-Buck bangs away at the drums and bass, filling the space with sheer sinfulness, while Jesse Slayter lives up to his name slaying the guitar. But the most important bit is Aziz summoning spirits with his fearsome flow. Like his line "I'm LeBron James, you could try and stop this," you'll find that it's nearly impossible to stop the king, or the craft of this killer trio. Stream the sinister creation that is "The Function" and follow its hosts below. FOLLOW G-BUCK: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Monday, May 22, 2017

      DJ Sinclair - Bells (RPG Mix)

      As soon as I heard the first line of DJ Sinclair's RPG Mix of "Bells" I knew it was something I could jive with. It's poppy enough to feel fun and go over easy, but it's also complex enough to keep it from getting stale too quickly. I'm reminded of MssingNo's style with the massive bass sweeps and steady manipulation of the lead line (ironically, his remix of Cashmere Cat leads the mix that follows "Bells" in the related track section). While obviously the sound design and progression is on point, the little bird chirp punctuations and atmospheric crowd vocal samples are what make this more than just a brilliant beat, and a true touch of genius. Slithering like a snake into your ear holes, there's no avoiding the sonic brilliance that DJ Sinclair has crafted. Stream below or buy it via Different Circles, here. FOLLOW DJ SINCLAIR: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Sunday, May 21, 2017

      Mabiisi - Pagba (Swing Ting Remix)

      Music, especially of the electronic variety, always has a mysterious foreign feeling, which for me is part of its appeal. Anything that's too familiar is boring. Although it's not that simple, I'm always looking for something new and intriguing. While I've been surrounded by music from an early age, the concept of most was very formulaic, but since electronic music exploded at the same time as the internet those rules were shattered along with their boundaries. Suddenly I was able to consume all kinds of ideas and sounds, from the world over. While lyrical content is nice and is often thought-provoking (see Pink Floyd, still my favourite band of all time), it isn't necessary for me to derive enjoyment. In fact one of the more foundational bands in my life has been Rammstein, whose lyrics I never understood. This is all to say that there's something underlying (a magic if you will) in good music that speaks to you on a more fundamental, essential level.

      This is why I enjoy Swing Ting's remix of Mabiisi "Pagba." It's entirely foreign to me. I have no idea what the lyrics are about, but that doesn't and shouldn't matter. The two vocalists play off each other extremely well, as do they with the musical production. It reminds me of Sean Paul, whose lyrics are notoriously misunderstood, but still widely enjoyed. Like Sean Paul, the vocals here are delivered with incredible rhythm and allure; the energy of which is impossible to avoid. While the original version can still boast this playful vocal delivery, Swing Ting's reconstruction does a brilliant job in combining the African influences with a more typical electronic construction. This bridging is exactly what inspires me to start each day by looking for new music that expands my musical tastes. Enjoy "Pagba" below. FOLLOW SWING TING: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Saturday, May 20, 2017

      Daft Punk - Something About Us (Krys Talk Remix)

      There's no discounting the importance of either Daft Punk or their 2001 album Discovery. With cuts like "One More Time," "Aerodynamic" and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger," there's no shortage of sensational synth work that continues to stand the test of time. Of course there's been endless attempts to rework and re-position these tracks in any and every sub-genre you can think of. Being that future bass still stands as the sound of the moment, that's what we get today with Krys Talk's take on his favourite track from Discovery, "Something About Us."

      Unlike most of the remixes of Daft Punk that push it too far one way or another, Krys Talk succeeds in his revision. Sure he leaves behind much of the stripped back subtlety of the original, but he's rebuilt the magnificent melody around the buoyancy of the future bass. He too succeeds in tearing at our heartstrings by maintaining the emotional intensity of the instrumentation. This is where future bass meshes the best with the original, allowing the elegant aesthetic to shine bright. However the most important part is that the love story of "Something About Us" stays intact and is perhaps even bolstered by this robust remix. While there may be no substitute to the original, there's no denying that Krys Talk has done an admirable job re-positioning it in the 2017 idiom. Download his mix for free via Coli, here. FOLLOW KRYS TALK: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Friday, May 19, 2017

      Skepper - Paint It Black

      Trap tempter Skepper just reuploaded his take on classic Rolling Stones track "Paint It Black." While the name obviously implies dark, nefarious and evil activities, Skepper delivers imminent and utter doom. It cries out as criminally corrupt in an almost orchestral arc of obfuscation. Its ominous intensity works exceptionally well as David Fincher's Se7en plays in the background as I write this. The darkness and brutality Skepper's imbued "Paint It Black" with plays perfectly with the only remaining and titular lyric. The theme is simple yet executed with extreme precision; there is no escaping the all black everything of Skepper's sanctum. Download the darkness for free via the Artist Union, here. FOLLOW SKEPPER: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Wednesday, May 17, 2017

      Bump In The Hump: May 17 (Season 6, Episode 3)

      • Glenn Morrison - Siesta
      • Pure100% & Sammy Seagull & Sleepycatt - Bow Dicka Wow Wow
      • Mr. Carmack - Simpler (PhatCap! Live Edit)
      • Mura Masa - Hell (Vincent Remix)
      • aiwake - Childish
      • NoMBe - Wait (Kill Them With Colour Remix)
      • Thomas White - In Ur Eyes
      • Pia Mia - We Should Be Together (WYLN Remix)
      • Conro - Lay Low (ft. David Benjamin)
      • Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Robotaki Remix)
      • Orbiter - Want You
      • Somna, Yang & Cari - Feel You
      • Leterna - Orchid
      • Chubb Rock - Treat 'Em Right (Smalltown DJs & Skratch Bastid Remix)
      • Loud Luxury - Show Me (ft. Nikki's Wives)

      Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Orbiter - Want You

      My love for Stephen Walking has been well documented on Bump In The Hump, but it's been a while since we had any new music from him. That's finally changed, as he's surprised us with a new duo called Orbiter with 7 Minutes Dead. If you thought it was a long time between Stephen Walking releases, that's nothing compared to the hiatus for 7 Minutes Dead who breaks his 2 year silence with "Want You." Since both are Monstercat mainstays it's no surprise that's where we find their first release. Their partnership too seems like a obvious match, as both delve into epic stories with wild instrumentation and exceptional energy. Their almost cinematic approach comes to full effect as Orbiter, depicting a dark neo-future landscape. Still, love survives and stands strong with "Want You." Joining Orbiter tonight on Radio Humber, are new tracks from aiwake, Kill Them With Colour, and friends of the show, Loud Luxury. You'll also hear the exclusive first play of the latest from Leterna, plus a track released in honour of Sleepycatt's birthday yesterday. Catch the hour of new Canadian electronic music that is Bump In The Hump. live from 6-7 PM EDT, here.


      Tuesday, May 16, 2017

      Fox Stevenson - Better Now (Demicat Remix)

      Brilliant Brit and forward thinking producer, Fox Stevenson is celebrating his upcoming set in Seoul by releasing a remix package made up of three of the special city's best artists. IMLAY, GiiANA and Demicat are all scheduled to support Stevenson's set and you can just about guarantee they'll be playing their newly released remixes. Despite the originals being released in 2014, each still has futuristic feels that are only amplified by these new remixes.

      I'm particularly intrigued by Demicat's delightful mixture of future bass, trap and DnB on "Better Now." He does a bang up job playing with the powerful production Fox Stevenson had already laid out, and much like the man himself, he flips flawlessly through the seemingly opposing subgenres. At times it feels as though the track has picked up so much steam, through the breakneck DnB, that "Better Now" may just burst into flames and rocket out of the earth's atmosphere. That playfulness in the percussion is met with sublime strings, which maintain a mood that allows for the future bass style drop. It's magical in its harp flourishes, water droplets, and trap style vocal chops. How a track can be so twisted, yet so euphoric and bright is beyond me, and that's exactly why I love what Demicat has done here. Check out the other two remixes here, and if you happen to be in Seoul give this event a look.


      Monday, May 15, 2017

      French Montana x Swae Lee - Unforgettable (esentrik remix)

      esentrik, half of TWRK, has just dropped a brilliant future bass remix of French Montana and Swae Lee's "Unforgettable." Known for his remixing ability, particularly his exceptional INOJ "Love You Down" remix, his careful combination of hip hop, RnB and trap makes for some of the most enjoyable and infectious revisions. That's exactly the case for this track, that while boasting a couple big names was all but "Unforgettable." He's made it a little more groovy, ramping up the bassline, adding a more deliberate and involving rhythm that will at worst have your toes tapping. The future bass wobbles and deep tuned dives in the 'drop' all but demand dancing along.

      It's clear why esentrik and Benzi work together so well, remixes like this lend themselves perfectly to Girl Trapz and although its not as wonky as most TWRK tunes, you can certainly hear its influence. Oddly enough Benzi used Bad Royale's remix of "Unforgettable" in his latest Girl Trapz mix, this past weekend. Regardless you can get esentrik's version as a free download via here. FOLLOW ESENTRIK: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Sunday, May 14, 2017

      Flamingosis - Mambo!

      Very few producers can match the lighthearted fun and funkiness of Flamingosis. His latest work, "Mambo!" retouches Yma Sumac's stunning 1954 track "Gopher." If you've ever heard of her, you'll be well aware of her incredible vocal range: over 5 octaves, including the awe inspiring whistle register.

      That ability is on full display here, but it's not just her vocals that make "Mambo!" such a powerful and pleasurable piece. It's got a good groove, that's only been amplified by Flamingosis. He's upped the tempo and teased out some of the trumpet bits, extending the awesome energy. Even better he's sprinkled some of the vocal scats around as added punctuation.

      Truly each element is exceptional, coming together to make "Mambo!" a magical track that is sure to get you going. While I usually focus on more typical electronic music on this blog, I always have time for some fun and funky stuff, especially when it breathes life into classic tracks, showcasing talent that may otherwise go unnoticed by younger generations. As of now there is no download available, but check back to this page as I'll update if/when it does, also keep an eye on his bandcamp, here. FOLLOW FLAMINGOSIS: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Saturday, May 13, 2017

      Sinden's House Line EP

      Very few producers can boast the same kind of quality and longevity as Graeme Sinden. He's been a staple of the house scene since collaborating with the likes of Hervé (as The Count and Sinden) and SBTRKT nearly a decade ago. He's once again teamed up with Hervé, among other heavy hitters Bot (previously half of Crookers), Japan's Jaxx Da Fishworks and Alaska's Astronomar. The nine track collab laden EP, out now on Insomniac Records, brings bassy house tracks that, while having killer classic feels, succeeds in pushing the undeniably important genre forward. Download the EP free via ToneDen, here.The lead track brings Sinden and Hervé together again, showing off their incredible interplay. The amount of movement and instrumentation is incredible, once again proving these two work together wonderfully. Next, pay special attention to Sinden's solo track "Baby" with its classic bonking bass sound built around a grungy atmosphere. The next three tracks, all remixes, take a decisively different approach, but still one that fits into this formidable EP.

      R3LL's remix relies on a piano lick and pulsating jersey club loops, definitely the most intense and energetic of the bunch. Bot brings back the bouncing bass with "Follow Me." The bed he's crafted for Aly Us' vocals makes it absolutely alluring and almost hypnotizing. It's easy to imagine several shufflers dancing all night to this one.

      Next up is LO'99, who I've been a fan of ever since I heard Porter Robinson play Go Freek's remix of "My Mind" in his Monstercat Showcase set two summers ago. He's been on fire as of late (dropping remixes of Angelz and Stormzy), and continues that trend with his 420 Blog It take on "Mega." Obviously the throwback feels are strong, but the deep bass wobbles and alien atmosphere make it a worthy remix of such a classic track.

      Following those remixes come three new collaborations. First "Cold Ass Flute" with Astronomar. It's eerie as can be, sending chills down your back, again with an extraterrestrial vibe and an all too evil laugh. Next is Hotfire and "Twiddle," which winds up slowly before the tension becomes too much and it turns into an all out stomper, suggesting that listeners just get stupid. The final collab comes with Marc Spence, whose "Nasty" has been mentioned many a time on this blog. "WTF" is mechanized madness. It's almost as though the two have built an Iron Giant type figure deep in the woods, and its coming to life can be heard through the panicked chirping of birds and earth shaking bass.

      Sinden's House Line then wraps up with a new Jaxx Da Fishworks production, "Don't Wait Up." It may be the best track to encapsulate the EP as a whole. It's got a great classic feel and construction to it, while still feeling fresh. The frenzied drop is like a steely stare down, daring you to dance. From Sinden and Hervé's "Body & Soul" to this fire finale, this EP is an excellent example of Sinden's impact on house music. If you've got the time, I highly suggest taking a scroll through his soundcloud page, it's absolutely littered with awesome tracks.


      Friday, May 12, 2017

      Knightfall - Speed Machine

      New Australian duo Knightfall just released an electrifying debut original. "Speed Machine" hearkens back to the days when Boys Noize and Justice ruled over all electro. The driving groove Knightfall deliver is the perfect combination of pure purring horsepower and a gigantic growling feline. The movement is sleek, showing off incredibly smooth production ability, in spite of the gritty nature of their sound design. While you could easily enjoy an instrumental version of "Speed Machine," the 80s-esque vocals and Knightfall's masterful, yet minute, manipulation of them adds an undeniable allure. On a day in which Boys Noize remixed Justice, this is my favourite electro production. I'm astounded by this debut and cannot wait to see what Knightfall have up their sleeves next. Enjoy the stream below. FOLLOW KNIGHTFALL: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Thursday, May 11, 2017

      Sammie Beats - Velvet & Steel

      New from trusted Dutch imprint, Tribal Trap comes Hungarian Sammie Beats with a brutal and bloodied up banger. "Velvet & Steel" lives up to its almost oxymoronic name within the first minute and a half. It starts off tender and tepid before the harrowing horns get twisted to such a degree that the drop becomes a reprieve, in spite of its violent steel girder-like blow to the face. Whether shrouded in the softest silk or velvety velour, Sammie Beats' production is at its core a steel sledgehammer, sure to knock you on your ass. In my estimation, trap does not get any more ruthlessly tough than this. Add the absolutely vicious "Velvet & Steel" to your library for free here, and test your mettle below. FOLLOW SAMMIE BEATS: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Wednesday, May 10, 2017

      Bump In The Hump: May 10 (Season 6, Episode 2)


      Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Angelz - Devils Remixes

      The quality content coming from Quebec continues to fill Bump In The Hump. One of that province's most promising producers, Angelz is quite simply blowing up. He's been identified by boss-men Tchami, with releases on Confession, and Diplo with a Diplo & Friends mix, April 30th. His most recent enterprise is an expansive 8 track remix EP. "Devils" is remixed by the likes of LO'99, Noise Frenzy, and label mate Volac, as well as another I'll be playing tonight. Stream the remixes below & buy here. Along with Angelz, tonight's episode of Bump In The Hump is built up of some of the most moody, wonkiest, and bassiest tracks in its six season history. Among numerous artist debuts from across the country, you'll hear Internet Daughter & Eytan Tobin's latest collaboration, which was crafted during their still ongoing tour of Asia. There's also new Neon Steve, CYMN and Autoerotique. You can stream the hour of new Canadian music that is Bump In The Hump, live 6 PM EDT on Radio Humber here.


      Tuesday, May 09, 2017

      josh pan re-uploads two tracks

      First off, I want to apologize for incorrectly capitalizing josh pan's name in all of my previous posts. I always try to follow what the artist has put forward in terms of stylization, but between the many social media platforms there's often inconsistencies, and my default mode is to capitalize proper names. But that's all beside the point of this post, which is to showcase two new old tracks from the man himself.

      Late last night josh took to his secondary souncloud account to post what he's called "old bootlegs & things." First was a bootleg of Brandy and Monica "The Boy Is Mine." It shows off serious vocal chops and pan's penchant for the piano. He maintains much of the original R&B vibe while reupping it with a deeper, darker, futuristic jazz feel. It's unlike anything I've come across, but that's just josh pan. The second shining example of josh's genius is his remix of Janet Jackson's "If I Was Your Girl." It too has a futuristic jazz club vibe, just a little brighter and more fluid than "tbim" above.

      Upon first pressing play I thought "damn this is pretty cool," and let it play out. I then went on to look at twitter, reply to a text message, and talk to my cat, all while letting "if" glide along in the background. Nearing the end of the track I awoke from my multitasking mania and wondered what this brilliance was that I had been listening to. There is no better indication in my mind as to when a track is truly meritorious, it is equally as enjoyable when paying the utmost attention as it is when it's in the background. Download both for free via ToneDen, follow his second account here, and others below. FOLLOW JOSH PAN: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Monday, May 08, 2017

      Hybrid Theory - JQ Riddim

      Recently I remarked that seemingly all tracks tagged "Dance & EDM" on soundcloud are "unoriginal." While as per usual, I've been proven wrong. I'm glad I kept clicking on tracks with that tag, because I came across this hard hitter from Hybrid Theory. "JQ Riddim" is indeed original, and not just that, it's a wildly fun mix of bass(line) house and UK garage. I'd even go so far as to say its got a bit of fidget, acid and grime, but whatever you wanna call it, the groove laid down is godly. Just make sure you've got the subwoofer turned up. I think I like it so much because it reminds me of the 'good' old days where the majority of my musical knowledge referred to Jack Beats, Fake Blood and Boy 8-Bit. This could easily fit into any of their sets, as its playful poise washes over the dancefloor, demanding you dance. And how could you not be affected by this awesomeness. It's hypnotizing and exhilarating at the same time, a tough task to accomplish, but one they've pulled off with ease. Find "JQ Riddim" as part of Urban Dubz Music's Garage Future compilation, available here. FOLLOW HYBRID THEORY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Fan Fiction - when angels s1ng

      My cat is running around like a lunatic today, but that may be a result of my repeated play of Fan Fiction's latest release. Dropped just after midnight last night as a part of NITE CORP.'s 13 track LIGHT release, Fan Fiction took on Donae'o and his track with Terri Walker "When Angels Sing."

      When you're talking NXC there's very few, if any, that rival Fan Fiction, and this is just the latest example. Obviously this is a tremendous original track (my favourite from Donae'o), but the way it gets transformed here is genius. It's fast and fluttery as with any NXC track, but it's not overwrought. Fan Fiction does a brilliant job maintaining the delicate overture of the original. It remains refined while boosting the energy, like a shot of adrenaline to the heart. It may be my favourite on LIGHT, but there's a few more fire flips, including Machinedrum's "Angel Speak" and Hellberg's "The Girl," all of which are available absolutely free. Add some NITE CORP. to your day and feel a fire lit under you feet. FOLLOW FAN FICTION: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Saturday, May 06, 2017

      MU5T D13 - N30 T0KY0 (JEAN BLOC R3M1X)

      The latest in the Ducky and friends RAVE TOOLZ series, comes from Sweden's JEAN BLOC. He brings his a mixture of booming, hardcore and DnB to Must Die's "Neo Tokyo." When you're talking about RAVE TOOLZ, you're talking the most franticly, hype remixes of already fire tracks. Obviously then both the original and remixer are perfect for the now 82 release old series. JEAN BLOC hits on all cylinders, spinning wildly. As far as club weapons go this one is sure to leave you overwrought and delirious. Apart from the intro and short reprieve in the middle, there's no room to catch your breath. It'll turn the most disinterested dancer into a rabid raver. Get on board the train that is "Neo Tokyo," as it tears into the future. It, as with the whole RAVE TOOLZ series, is available for download free, here. FOLLOW JEAN BLOC: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Friday, May 05, 2017

      Caveman - Life Or Just Living (Lil Hank Remix)

      Need a smile? Just have a look at Lil Hank up there, or give his remix of Caveman "Life Or Just Living" a play. Hitting soundcloud just before noon today, the LA based doggo and oft-experimental producer's revision of the track from Otero War is pure pop passion. It's wistful and warm, letting the lyrics lead while playing with a childlike puppy-like enthusiasm. Whether it's the uplifting spirit of the synths strides to the plucky nature of the guitar, or even the toy piano, there's nothing about Lil Hank's update that doesn't feel amorous or kindhearted. The love in "Life Or Just Living" is truly, and beautifully inescapable. Be sure to share its power by streaming below or via Spotify here. FOLLOW CAVEMAN: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

      Thursday, May 04, 2017

      Lorde - Green Light (Hotel Garuda Remix)

      By now everyone must've heard Lorde's latest release "Green Light." Maybe you even saw her kill it on Saturday Night Live (here). The rollicking keys, bumping bass and drum work while utterly enjoyable, left me wondering who would be the one to take this track to the next level with a remix?

      Well I think we've got our answer. Let me present Hotel Garuda's new version, which maintains a lot of the original energy, while adding a little more bounce and grit. These two are already adept at reworking massive records (see Cazzette, Lana Del Ray, Anna Lunoe, Galantis, Kanye, Disclosure and others here), but this may be their best yet. The additional ivory tickling and wobbling grooves take the already anthemic track to levels appropriate for the club and kitchen dance sessions alike. Just like the original, it'll be nearly impossible to get Hotel Garuda's new version out of your head..At the moment there is now download available, so you'll have to survive on this soundcloud stream.