Friday, June 30, 2017

Elley Duhé - Immortal (Snakehips Remix)

Back in December singer/songwriter Elley Duhé dropped her debut track "Immortal," which has gone on to garner more than a million plays on Soundcloud alone. This morning megastars Snakehips have added their own touch to the ear-worming awesomeness of "Immortal." Their energetic and eclectic mix of sounds and styles instantly grabbed me, reminding me Wave Racer's remix of their own track "All My Friends," as covered on this blog here. It's smooth, super sexy, and slightly spicy. The bed that Snakehips have built brings the bounce big time and just feels so incredibly comfortable, that I want to lay in it all day and night. If I owned a radio station, I'd be sure to have this playing multiple times a day, it has everything: catchy vocals, exciting instrumentation and a groove that just doesn't die.FOLLOW ELLEY DUHÉ: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Tchami - Adieu (Heroless Remix)

Just yesterday I wrote about a massive and unmistakable track receiving a stripped back banger of a trap remix (read here), and guess what? It's happened again today. If you've been to the club in the last 4 months there's no doubt you've heard Tchami's "Adieu," and this morning it's received a remix from Norway's Heroless. The hypnotizing vocal sample stays intact as the ultimate allure, but the way Heroless has repackaged the rest of the track is the key. He's undercut that flying lead synth line, leaving it fluttering in the background and leaving us begging for it to come to the fore. Instead he's added his own steely synths around punchy percussion and trap stylings. If you're a trap DJ, add this to your sets, and watch the screw faces it invokes. Download for free via The Artist Union, here. FOLLOW TCHAMI: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

weslee - Gassed (Yung Bae Remix)

Months ago weslee appeared on the internet with a debut production called "Gassed," which in turn became BBC Radio 1 and Mistajam's "Hottest Record In The World." After receiving a remix from TCTS earlier this month, it was again remixed, this time by disco darling Yung Bae. This isn't the first time Yung Bae's been featured on this blog (see here) and for good reason, there really is no one on the same level when it comes to deliriously delightful disco productions. This version couldn't be much further from the original, in fact essentially the only bit that remains intact is the vocals. Yung Bae gets the groove going with a grin inducing horn line, followed by a sublime synth line. It's fun and funky, the kind of stuff we've come to expect from the California kid. Throw it on and get the party started. FOLLOW WESLEE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Koos - Bolt

There's just something about how the French do house music. Whether it's legends like Daft Punk or more recent upstarts like Malaa, Tchami or even Dombresky, their understanding of and ability to create club worthy house tracks is uncanny. The latest example comes from Koos, whose track "Bolt" rumbles so relentlessly that you may not be able to scrape yourself off the dancefloor. It reminds me a lot of what CastNowski is doing, utilizing a variety of sound effects, while playing with the incredibly potent bass. I'm not sure you even have to voluntarily move, the subwoofer should take care of that. From the percussion, the synths, the bass, the vocal samples and overall atmosphere, Koos hits on all cylinders. "Bolt" is available 100% free, here.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Dombresky - The Cookout Guest Mix 053

Earlier this week French producer Dombresky graced SiriusXM's Electric Area for a guest mix on The Cookout. Now, I've been a fan of his for a while now, and with tracks like "Be Real," "Hardcore," and his DJ Snake "The Middle" remix, how could you not be? My only beef is that he's not been to Toronto, but that's also changed this week when he was announced as support for Chris Lake's October 21st stop at CODA during his Lose My Mind Tour. While it's nearly impossible to predict what anyone might play on a given night, this mix for The Cookout is at worst a great introduction to the rising talent. So don't sleep, press play below and RSVP/buy tickets for the 21st, here. Check here for the other tour dates. What I like most about Dombresky is on full display here: his versatility in both production and mixing. He dabbles mostly in house, but as we've seen the the last year or more, house has really become multidimensional, with bass, deep, tech and other subgenres blowing up. He drops a little bit of all of that in this set, from the delightful open of Boston Bun's "Missing You" to Eli Brown "Got The Power" and the Oliver Dollar, Daniel Steinberg collab "Perc It Straight," there's so much to dance to. However, I'm particularly taken with the way he's used Eli Brown's "3am," not just because it's such top notch tune, but the way it sets the mood before transitioning the mix into a more brighter after-hours vibe.


Eptic - The End (Mayor West Remix)

If you've never heard Eptic's "The End," I don't know how you found this blog, it's got to be one of the most played and remixed tracks in the last two years. There's Breaux's multiple remixes with Carnage, his own VIP and a Crankdat VIP among others, but yesterday another new version dropped. Germany's Mayor West gives "The End" another trap flip, reminding me of the days when trap was just becoming a thing. While the unmistakable Eptic chord progression continues to run the show, this version is driven mainly by simple yet super strong trap percussion. Mayor West relies on a hauntingly, stripped back atmosphere before getting bleepy with touches of hardstyle, which was instrumental in the trap sound when it was first on the rise (see early Flosstradamus). There's no discounting the other versions of "The End," but this may be my favourite take on it yet. Download it for free via Artist Engine here. FOLLOW EPTIC: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bump In The Hump: June 28 (Season 6, Episode 9)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Pat Lok - Stay Together

I've been a fan of Pat Lok ever since I came across his allerg-edit of Cashmere Cat's "Kiss Kiss," and have been supporting his productions on Radio Humber for years now. This past Friday, Pat dropped his debut full length album Hold On Let Go. We've already heard some of the tracks on Bump In The Hump before ("My Own Throne," "You Street," "In The Night" and "Oh No"), but tonight I've got perhaps my favourite cut from the 13 track package. "Stay Together" is, at least for me, the ultimate Pat Lok production. It boasts brilliant sound design, built around strong sultry vocals, and the kind of reach-for-the-sky ecstasy that feels as though it's ripped right out of the days when disco reigned supreme. It'll have you longing for that lost love, wanting to pick up the phone and reach out to repair the relationship. Disco and house music is all about letting love run free, an ethos on full display here.Joining this precious track from Pat Lok, are further disco vibes from Dom Dias, a club cut from Jacques Greene's Feel Infinite Remixes, and a bluesy jazz house track from bedroomer's Hudson Alexander. There's also some more banger type tracks on this episode of Bump In The Hump including Lazy Rich, Eff That, Vincent, Leterna and Ephwurd, who are set to play Velvet Underground July 1st with support from Marco Marz (RSVP & Tickets here). Listen to the full hour of new Canadian tunes, live on Radio Humber from 6-7 PM EDT.


Tuesday, June 27, 2017

KREACH - Downtown Jungle

Sometimes a track comes around that just excites each one of your senses. That's the case with LA based KREACH, and his latest "Downtown Jungle." I'm a sucker for so many of the sounds he's put to use in this track: gritty bass bursts, hollowed out bass bonks, rattling percussion and a multitude of effects. In terms of overall atmosphere, "Downtown Jungle" is perhaps the perfect name and ultimate aesthetic for enjoyment in a club. It's humid and sweaty like a jungle, but also dark and lifeless like the concrete spires of a downtown core. This is exactly what I love about electronic music: the combination of living and breathing organic sounds with monstrous, manipulated synthesized designs. "Downtown Jungle" brings together so many sounds, combining them in a succinct and streamline package that is sure to send shivers down your spine and a bounce in your booty. Download free via ToneDen.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Sinjin Hawke - Onset (KRANE & Alexander Lewis Remix)

Ever since Sinjin Hawke teased First Opus with "Onset" the beginning of last month (as covered here), it's been a go to track just about anytime I want to play music. It's hard to count it as the best track of the album, when just about any track could take that title, as First Opus is in my ears not just one of the best albums of the year, but one of the best I've ever encountered. With such epic design and majesty you can expect a tidal wave of remixes in hopes of capitalizing on the genius Hawke has rolled out. While most remixes will fall somewhere short of the original, you can always trust the likes of  KRANE and Alexander Lewis to bolster the badassery of whatever they touch. Add KRANE's god-like sound design and the brass balls of Alexander Lewis' trombone to the already exceptional and sublime Sinjin production and you've got some can't miss magic. Download the remix free via Hive, here. FOLLOW KRANE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, June 23, 2017

My Mixtape featuring Biz Davis

  1. RYME - Libra Tendencies
  2. Jeane Darlene - ???
  3. MAGNVM! - Oh Dear
  4. Cosella - Elevator
  5. Don Rimini - Hold Up
  6. Fearz - Gucci Shades
  7. KMRT - Flash Flash
  8. Don Rimini - I Feel Like Jammin
  9. Psalms - Come With Me
  10. Dinamix - My House
  11. Don Rimini - I Can Fix
  12. HolloH - Let Me Touch That
  13. Craig Williams - Believe It (Cosella Remix)
  14. Vryko - They Try
  15. ASKY - Lemme Put It
  16. Produser - Ritual
  17. So Durand - Buttdial
  18. Spank Rock - One Hunnid (RYME Remix)
  19. WWRD - Blitzen
  20. PG Baur - Boujee Trax
  21. Fibertalk & CVPELLV - Charlie (ft. Will Mills)
  22. Tiga - Bugatti (RYME BQQTLEG)
  23. John Pac - Emilio
  24. Maddmon - Diagnose That
  25. RYME & Cosella - ???

Duumu ft. Slyleaf - Illuminate (acaer Remix)

April 14th (which seems like an eternity ago), French producer Duumu released his 4 track Illuminate EP on Monstercat. Today Atlanta's acaer, fresh off the release of his track "Drunk" on the Jadū Dala/Sola compilation, returns with a remix of Duumu's title track. He's transformed the acoustically driven anthem into fluttery future bass that ups the intensity of the feels established in the original.

Slyleaf's vocals continue to paint a serene image, while finding more potency in the bed acaer's built. The whole revision screams of majesty, from the stripped down open through the resplendent rising of the tides and eventual flood of feelings found in flourishes during the drops. There's no denying the delightful nature of the sound design in the drop, but it's the seamless progression from steely to sultry synths that makes their playfulness so powerful and alluring. Whereas the original version of "Illuminate" brought the sun shine slowly over the mountain tops, acaer's remix is the equivalent of the rays bursting through the clouds following a violent storm. Download "Illuminate", free via ToneDen. FOLLOW ACAER: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Interview with Biz Davis

Earlier this week I spoke with Biz Davis, who's had his hand in several different jobs through his nearly two decade long "odyssey" in the music business, including his current role as manager for BADLQQK. In anticipation of his set for My Mixtape, this Friday at 11 PM EDT, I bent his ear for nearly a half hour. Through these dozen or so interviews, I've had the pleasure of speaking to several smart and well spoken people, but Biz's grand perspective may have been the most enlightening. Stream below.
Topics include: his odyssey from the 90s to now and the many jobs he's filled, the populist connection between Hip Hop and electronic music, how electronic music has changed in the past 2 decades, his perpetual positioning at the "left of centre," the commercial reality of the music business, his disdain for gatekeeping, the necessity of passion and authenticity, the value of challenge, why he's kept coming back, his work with BADLQQK, the longevity of house, what's next for him and BADLQQK, and of course his set for My Mixtape.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Bump In The Hump: June 21 (Season 6, Episode 8)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Adventure Club ft. SONDAR - Breathe (Indiginis Remix)

I've been a fan of Indiginis ever since I heard their collab with Blu J, "Hallucinating" last summer. I later wrote about their undeniably cool take on Missy Elliott's "GET UR FREAK ON," here. Since then they've gone on to release 3 new productions in less than 2 weeks, an original in "A Love Lost" and two remixes. The most recent of those remixes is of Adventure Club's "Breathe," transformed in typical Indiginis fashion. Their tunes always strike me as if produced in a jazz club of the future, the groove always guides the cool action amidst sneakily strong percussion and deliriously delightful chords. You'll be hard pressed to find any other artists able to craft such quality, especially with the type of consistency as Indiginis. You'll even note the majority of their releases are available for free download.Hear the latest from Indiginis on tonight's all new episode of Bump In The Hump. They'll join a slew of sensational summer type tracks from Future Magic, Dom Dias, and Attlas. There's also at least three artist making their Radio Humber debuts. We also get ready for a BADLQQK bent two weeks, with a clip from my conversation with label manager Biz Davis, before his set for My Mixtape this Friday. All this comes before a special, one time only, event in which Radio Humber will present 4 hour long live sets from BADLQQK's NXNE label showcase. Hear them July 1st from 8 PM to midnight. But don't forget about Bump In The Hump live tonight from 6-7 PM EDT, here.


Tuesday, June 20, 2017

BeauDamian x ZEKE BEATS - Faux Bourdon

San Holo's label bitbird continues to prove that it's one of the most forward thinking and sonically stunning collectives out there. Their latest boundary pushing production comes from BeauDamian of The Netherlands, who's reached all the way across the globe to connect with Aussie, ZEKE BEATS.

"Faux Bourdon" is a thematic triumph of epic proportions. It is heralded by an orchestral opening, and punctuated by a choral call before dropping into a doomsday aesthetic. The darkness of the collaborative synth work is beyond brilliant, it shows a truly incredible production ability to invoke so much depth and life into an entirely electronic sound. But it's not just about the sound's design, it progresses with a dazzling display as the choir and other orchestral elements return.

It is at this point that I cannot help but hear the much discussed Ramin Djawadi piece "Light Of The Seven" for Game Of Thrones, in part because of the instrumentation, but more so because of the incredible interplay and progression. "Faux Bourdon" has an uncanny ability to add and subtract elements while continually progressing. It never feels jumpy or disjointed; it's a wild ride, that you just don't want to end. And it doesn't have to end, as it's been made available for free download here.

Monday, June 19, 2017

blackbear - do re mi (Y2K Remix)

Yesterday afternoon Y2K teased us by wondering aloud on Twitter whether he should "drop a new song tomorrow," but after some convincing, he decided "k im doing it." With his first tweet of the day, he delivered his resplendent remix of blackbear's "do re mi."

If you know anything about Y2K (other than his twitter persona), you know how well he works around vocals, and the emotions he's able to amplify through them. This is not to say that blackbear's vocals are without emotion, but the way Y2K has built around them shows off his godly skill, as though the music bed grew organically out of nature. There's rattles, loon calls and just an all around incredibly palpable atmosphere. The design around the strident strings at the centre of the action grabs at your heart without remorse, making it nearly impossible to breathe.

In my mind, this is what makes Y2K's productions can't miss, he walks the line between lifeless electronic productions and living breathing, acoustic organisms. If you're afraid of feeling things from music, this track is not for you, otherwise enjoy the undeniable heart of "do re mi." At the point of writing this no download has been made available, but check back and as I'll update if and when it does. FOLLOW Y2K: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, June 18, 2017

LeyeT - Don't Make Me Cry (Nate VanDeusen Remix)

Future bass continues to blow up on my soundcloud feed, and while I find I'm skipping over and through more than ever, Nate VanDeusen's remix of "Don't Make Me Cry" truly caught my attention. His take on LeyeT's debut track, an acoustic guitar led indie piece, delivers all the qualities that make future bass so appealing. Immediately the upbeat and uplifting vibes take over with a sparky synth, as the vocals get chopped up. When the vocals do then play out, you've become either stupefied or forced to sing along. That's also the moment you realize the drum work is on point, as they start to take the lead and drive the drop, as is so integral to future bass. And it really is about the drop with a track like this, even if everything else is exceptional. VanDeusen's drops are deliriously good, they inspire the strongest feeling of triumph, exalting the ears. Their shimmering is stunning, literally invoking breathlessness through a hollow gasp. This is one of the most infectious tracks I've come across in months, and can only imagine I'll be coming back to it for months. Download free via Artist Union here. FOLLOW LEYET: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Newtone - Move

Continuing this stretch of killer G-house tracks that I just cannot ignore, comes "Move" from Croatia, courtesy Newtone and Moretin, a blog and free download label. Released yesterday as part of the 3 track Moretin Talents EP, "Move" was the standout for me, in part because of its incredibly intense atmosphere, but also Newtone's hypnotic yet playful progression. The goal of G-house is always to create an unease, an anticipation of the evil lurking around the corner, and Newtone has perfected that here. Even though "Move" is massively heavy, pounding with each step, you don't quite know what abhorrence it's truly capable of until it barrels around the corner with the first drop at 1:01. The wubs there are absolutely wild, and the way Newtone's worked them is truly vicious, but in my eyes it's the little clicks and rings that take it from a mere campfire to a blazing bonfire. Get "Move" free, here. FOLLOW NEWTONE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, June 16, 2017

My Mixtape featuring Oggie James Vol. 4

  1. John Roman - Cloud 2 Cloud
  2. Jack U ft. Kiesza - Take U There (Pusher Flip)
  3. TNGHT - Higher Ground (YGSP Bootleg)
  4. Keys N Krates - She's So High
  5. Grimes ft. Deniro Farrar - Genesis (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)
  6. Grandtheft - We Run Dis
  7. Mounties - Headphones (Sleepy Tom Remix)
  8. A-Trak - Ray Ban Vision (ft. CyHi Da Prynce)
  9. Little Daylight - My Life (Thugli Remix)
  10. MDK & Evan King - Valhalla
  11. Caribou - Back Home
  12. Cam'ron & A-Trak - Dipsh*ts (ft. Juelz Santana & Dame Dash)
  13. French Nobility - So Cynical
  14. Keys N Krates - Hypnotik
  15. Grandtheft & Christian Rich - Deep
  16. Lambo - Ass Everywhere
  17. Tinie Tempah ft. 2 Chainz & RiFF RAFF - Trampoline (Grandtheft & ETC! ETC! Remix)
  18. Keys N Krates - Treat Me Right (Thugli Remix)
  19. French Montana & Rick Ross - Marble Floors (Thugli Remix)
  20. Madeon - Technicolor (Grandtheft Edit)
  21. Evoke & Pusher - TakeU
  22. Chromeo - Ezra's Interlude (ft. Ezra Koenig)
  23. John Roman - Citric Jazz
  24. FM - Orion
  25. Caribou - Dive

fusq - Blush (ft. MYLK)

Need a little injection of energy for your Friday? Well then look no further than fusq and "Blush" featuring MYLK. I've supported MYLK on this blog multiple times before (see here), and it was her name that drew me to "Blush" as I made my daily scroll through soundcloud. As soon as I hit play I knew this was a track for me. It's the kind of power pop that I'm craving at the moment. It's funky and fat, as well as agile and overflowing with adorable energy. MYLK has an unavoidable sheen to her vocals, that is only amplified by fusq's fantastical flourishes and strong synth bed. While it's not a rock track by any means, there's just something about "Blush" that makes me scream "This track f*cking rocks." It's part French funk with fusq and part kawaii chiptune with MYLK; the perfect pairing if you ask me. Find "Blush" out now as part of fusq's Polarity EP, which you can pick up here. FOLLOW FUSQ: FACEBOOK SOUNCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Bicep - Aura

Belfast boys, Bicep have finally broken their silence, and in a big way at that. For months more than a year now, fans have been living off live versions of a particular unreleased Bicep record, anxiously wringing their hands in hopes of getting a full version of the mysterious magic. One of the first videos appeared nearly a year ago to the day, when they closed their Parklife set with the track in question (watch here). But no longer are us die-hard fans relegated to relive brilliant Bicep sets through video recordings, as the track now has a name and is officially released today. Get "Aura" here.If you weren't familiar with the unreleased demo version of "Aura" that Bicep have been playing out, it shouldn't take long for you to enjoy the stream above and bask in its dreamlike demeanor. In typical fashion, Andy and Matt have laid down a brilliant bed, on which their unparalleled playful progression can bounce along as freely as a child frolics in the summer sun. Their build is always big and bold, but never bulky or immobile. They always carefully tread the line between a knock you off your feet, wall of sound and feather-like tickling of your senses. And that's the true genius of Bicep, perhaps best on display here with "Aura," although I'll always hold a special spot in my heart for their remix of Brassica "Tears I Can Afford."

As if getting our hands on "Aura" weren't enough, there's also a 12" mix available today, and with this release comes the announcement of their debut full length album. The eponymous 12 track LP is set to drop September 1st via Ninja Tune, with "Aura" in place as the concluding capstone (pre-order here). Along with the album announcement, Bicep are headed on tour. See if they're in your city here.


Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bump In The Hump: June 14 (Season 6, Episode 7)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Cozway - Reveries

I've long touted label Jadū Dala's ability to find and foster talent from across the globe. Their latest release, a cosigned compilation with Sola, runs through 10 tracks from Blush, acaer and Son-J, among others. One of those others, and the name I was drawn to first, was Cozway, in large part because of his Jadū release "Windbreaker." And this is where the story gets good: upon arriving on the soundcloud page I found that Cozway is from Victoria. Of course this means that he's eligible to be played on Radio Humber, and that's just what I'm going to do tonight on Bump In The Hump. His latest, "Reveries" has some of his trademark grit, among bent synths and powerful percussion. Download it free here.Joining Cozway on Bump In The Hump tonight, is fellow Jadū Dala/Sola alum, So Sus. It's another sublime summer themed episode running through disco house, big room, bass house, and tech house. I've got the hugely hyped Torro Torro, Smalltown DJs collab "House Shake" (as covered here), and a cut from Zeds Dead's Northern Lights Remixes album, alongside a slew of Radio Humber debuts. Catch Bump In The Hump live from 6-7 PM EDT, here.


Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Animals - House Of The Rising Sun (Aqueous Dilution ft. ARII)

Everyone knows The Animals' classic 1964 song "House Of The Rising Sun," and of course its eminence has garnered it endless remixes and covers. The latest take on the Grammy Hall of Fame piece, comes from Chicago's Alex Kislov, aka Aqueous. Instead of a remix or cover, he calls it a dilution, which is a cheeky pun, but a misnomer if you ask me. Part of what makes the original such a successful record is its stunning simplicity, and that's what makes Aqueous' new version so powerful.

His steady hand utilizes synths to refurbish the house, while leaving the foundational structure almost entirely intact, especially in regards to the guitar lead. If the original recording were a literal building, it would be deemed historically significant, and therefore unable to be torn down - it must be rebuilt in its image, maintaining its original integrity. And this is exactly what Aqueous has done. Throw this on as after a long night of clubbing, and watch your friends' jaws drop to the floor. Download the newly renovated "House Of The Rising Sun" free via Hypeddit, here.


Monday, June 12, 2017

Sébastien Léger - When We Dip DJ Set

I don't know about you, but I find my musical tastes change as we get deeper into summer. I almost lose all appetite for dark and dirty stuff (dub and trap), and skew more towards bright and warm beats (trance, house, disco funk, future bass, even nightcore). I don't want to be bombarded by bass, I just want my music to wash over me with ease. With that in mind, I find I gravitate more to longer, dance all day and night kind of tracks. Perhaps the best example of this is progressive house, the kind of epic stuff that lies on the borders of tech-house and trance.

One of my favourite artists in that arena is Sébastien Léger. I've written about him several times on this blog (see here) and most recently about his 4 track Clouds EP, here. Sébastien is a master of manipulation. When I saw him DJ in St. Catharines years ago, he had all four channels working, mixing back and forth magnificently. It's that kind of interplay and progression that makes his mix for When We Dip (below) so brilliant. That and of course the sublime track selection, with the likes of Retza, Doppel and Super Flu; not to mention his fantastic and yet forthcoming remix of Marst "Pluie Rouge."There are very few artists that leave me in awe the way Sébastien Léger does, whether it be his DJing skill, his production/songwriting skill, or even his skill with modular synths (check his youtube channel), the man is a musical genius. He's perhaps best enjoyed in the warmth of summer air, with a cool beverage in hand and friends at your side. Throw his mix or discography on, sit on a patio or go for a stroll and find yourself falling into the comforting arms of Sébastien's sounds.


Sunday, June 11, 2017

CID - Believer (ft. CeeLo Green)

Some days I can find a track that I want to write about almost immediately, others it becomes increasingly difficult as I wade through throngs of the same old sounds, further frustrating me and closing my mind, making me less receptive to the following tracks. However I hold out hope as I continue down the never-ending ether that is soundcloud's server. Today was one of those days, where my faith paid off and I came across an aptly titled track "Believer," from New York's CID.

My eye was immediately drawn to this track because of CeeLo, whose been one of my favourite vocalists ever since I first came across him in Gnarls Barkley. There's just something about the emotional intensity he's able to inject in each and ever syllable he delivers. Perhaps the best example of this is in his tremendously touching tribute "Robin Williams," as performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

CeeLo brings that same uplifting emotion to "Believer," just as CID builds him a brilliant and bouncy bed. There's no denying its infectious nature, from sublime sound design, playful progression and wicked warmth. This is the kind of summer anthem that I fully expect to garner radio play across the continent. While there's another song with the same name, currently dominating the airwaves, I'll be made a "Believer" in commercial radio if CID and CeeLo were to usurp that quartet, just imagine! Stream/Download "Believer" from your favourite outlet, here.


Saturday, June 10, 2017

Ayo - Name Game

G-House really seems to be blowing up. I wrote about BIJOU's remix of Crash Land, earlier this week, and have supported some tremendous Toronto based talents (Marco Marz, Maddmon and others) here and on Radio Humber. It's even inspired trap producer Dropwizz to start a side project, Kavi Indatissa. The latest example of the G-House takeover to comes from Seattle deep bass head, Ayo.

"Name Game" is as deep as it is dirty. Your subwoofer will be slamming as the track stomps along at the trademark slow, almost plodding pace. While it's easy to be allured by the sheer bad-ass nature of the bass, it's the little punctuations and counter effects that make the difference between a poser and a powerhouse. And make no mistake Ayo and his "Name Game" are a force to be reckoned with. The bass design delivers a religious experience, an unholy one at that. But it's the push and pull of the underworld and the heavens that make this such a gripping G-House production. Download free here. FOLLOW AYO: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, June 09, 2017

My Mixtape featuring Honey Beard

  1. Gold & Youth - Time To Kill
  2. Brave Shores - Never Come Down
  3. Zords - Dancing Eyes
  4. Le Trouble - How Was I To Know?
  5. AA Wallace - Shake It Out
  6. DOOMSQUAD - Pyramids On Mars
  7. Radiant Baby - Save Me From Myself
  8. The Dearly Bereft - Some Devil
  9. Meet The Blue - Fire
  10. Digits - Say Goodbye
  11. Most People - Telephone
  12. KYLO - Fatal
  13. Girl Meets Bear - Blood Moon
  14. Hey! DW - That's My DJ
  15. Werewolves, Beware! - The Discotheque
  16. In Drift - Walk On Water

Jayceeoh & The Oddictions - Alright (ft. Britt Daley)

The Oddictions, who you likely know from their work with Morgan Page, have once again teamed up with vocalist Britt Daley (also from "Running Wild" and The Oddictions' own "Feel The Same"). The difference this time is that the potent pairing has added LA's Jayceeoh into mix. "Alright" is the ultimate energizer, getting you into the summer party groove. It's calm and cool, but buoyant and bouncy to boot. The warmth of the summer synths and hot hot horns will have you reaching for the nearest beverage as you sway in the breeze. Take it to the beach, toss the Frisbee around, or just hit the hammock and let the waves wash over you. Download via iTunes, add to Spotify here or stream below. FOLLOW JAYCEEOH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Interview with Honey Beard

Monday night I got the opportunity to chat with Tom and Gary of Honey Beard in advance of their set for My Mixtape, Friday June 9th at 11 PM EDT on Radio Humber. If you've heard any of their album Dreamless Sleep, it'll come as no surprise that things got pretty deep and philosophical. It was also very interesting to get an outside perspective on electronic music, as I usually deal exclusively with DJs. But as we touch on in the interview. more and more DJs/producers are moving to live performances, so with Honey Beard already doing this, we were able to cut to the core of the issue. It's about the authenticity of play, and the difference between pop and art. Whichever you prefer, I highly recommend giving our conversation a listen, and even more a play of their album (Spotify/Soundcloud). Topics include: The origin story of Honey Beard (both physically and in name), why any synth driven music is necessarily tied to the 80s, the philosophical nature of their album Dreamless Sleep, combining dark lyrics with upbeat music beds, walking the line between pop and art, the risk/reward of playing live, what's next for Honey Beard (live and recorded), and of course their set for My Mixtape.

Hear My Mixtape featuring Honey Beard live Friday June 9th at 11 PM EDT, here.