Thursday, May 11, 2017

Sammie Beats - Velvet & Steel

New from trusted Dutch imprint, Tribal Trap comes Hungarian Sammie Beats with a brutal and bloodied up banger. "Velvet & Steel" lives up to its almost oxymoronic name within the first minute and a half. It starts off tender and tepid before the harrowing horns get twisted to such a degree that the drop becomes a reprieve, in spite of its violent steel girder-like blow to the face. Whether shrouded in the softest silk or velvety velour, Sammie Beats' production is at its core a steel sledgehammer, sure to knock you on your ass. In my estimation, trap does not get any more ruthlessly tough than this. Add the absolutely vicious "Velvet & Steel" to your library for free here, and test your mettle below. FOLLOW SAMMIE BEATS: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER