Thursday, May 25, 2017

Party Pupils - Patient

Future funk duo Party Pupils, fresh off their remix of Lorde's "Green Light," just dropped their first original, "Patient." This debut has me absolutely dumbfounded. But if you've enjoyed their long list of remixes, the quality of "Patient" should come as no surprise. However there's something to be said about how easily they've transferred their brilliance into an entirely original production. Sure their previous work may technically be remixes, but they're basically building a new track from the ground up, working around the original acapella.

So I guess what I'm saying is that these bearded boys have already established themselves highly capable, and have only doubled down on this, by doing everything in "Patient." It oozes with the most fun and fresh funk, the vocals are buttery brilliance and it's all capped off by mind blowing sound design in the drop (precisely the point that left me dumbfounded). Here's to hoping for more originals soon!As with all of Party Pupils' releases, "Patient" is available free via ToneDen. Get it here.