Tuesday, February 28, 2017

WRECKVGE & Brevis - King Kong (VIP)

It feels like a long time ago when I was really into festival trap, and its no coincidence that its been labeled as illiterate bro beats after champion of the sub-genre, Carnage put his foot firmly in his mouth. But as with any sub-genre, there's good and bad, and I do believe I've found some good today with this VIP version of Serbian duo, WRECKVGE and Bulgarian Brevis' creation, "King Kong."

It's got all the hallmarks of festival trap, all kinds of hands-in-the-air intensity, a drop that demands the masses to jump up and down in unison, and a bright build to contrast the darkness of the almost hardstyle heaviness of the drop. It succeeds in one upping the original, as that's the idea behind a VIP (which means variation in production, not very important person). From the rising synths in the build, to the vocal samples, trap fills, and gargantuan bass drum, each element comes together to create a siren song of sorts, calling out to the titular creature. The track itself summons listeners to the festival stage, sending them back to their early anthropoid nature, imitating the sovereign of Skull Island. The VIP version of "King Kong" can be caged and displayed for free from either Click DJ or ToneDen.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Destructo & Volac - What I Got

Russian duo Volac have teamed up with don of west coast deepness, Destructo to create an edgy, grind it out, house number that further propels the combination of rap and hip-hop vocals with deep bass house grooves. Destructo has been cultivating this style for the last couple years, along with the likes of Dr. Fresch and Night Bass Records. "What I Got" is yet a further example of the quality that can come out this pairing of slick, intimidating vocals and stormy, ominous production. It almost has a bit of a callback to bloghaus, in its rough sound design, built around gritty vocals, à la "Beeper" or "Hustler."

Certainly the scene at large has changed, as well as the expectations of the particular sounds and their delivery, but if we were to hear "What I Got" 10 years ago, I imagine it would fit in fairly well. Perhaps the biggest differences between this and a decade prior, is its slightly more refined digital sound design, and its dependence on deeper drums to drive the groove. "What I Got" succeeds in combining scratching effects, an ever growing atmosphere of intimidation, and a surefire shuffling groove. It commands attention while not being overly needy, it just bumps along doing its thing. Whether two hours or 10 years old, "What I Got" is a potent production, that I'm sure will garner a lot of club play. Pick up what Destructo and Volac got, for free via The Artist Union, here.


Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dimatik - Into The Sea (ft. Enya Angel)

For some reason, I find I don't write much about trance here. I play a considerable amount of it on Bump In The Hump, but for whatever reason I don't cover it much. I think part of the reason is the almost insular nature; it's hard to mix it with other genres. You could also make the case that the golden age of trance has come and gone, but that's really a discussion for another day. Anyway, I've come across a track from Aussie artist Dimatik and vocalist Enya Angel that I just couldn't pass up.

Whether it's the track's title, the production, Angel's vocals or the fact that Titanic has been on AMC nonstop, I cannot help but picture "Into The Sea" in James Cameron's world. Dimatik's production cruises like the legendary vessel, slicing like a knife through the endless ocean. He surrounds Enya Angel's vocals with an incredibly strong atmosphere, as epic and well designed as the Oscar sweeping film. Her voice becomes evermore haunting in its elegance, buoyed above the turbulence below. It is this contrasting of the peaceful calm and overwhelming intensity of the throbbing bass that affects us listeners so thoroughly. That's one of the keys of trance, the upper echelon of BPMs, making our hearts pound faster, heightening the depth of the emotions. Like James Cameron, Dimatik too finds a great treasure at the bottom of the ocean. Dive "Into The Sea" and get it yourself on Spotify or Beatport. FOLLOW DIMATIK: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, February 24, 2017

My Mixtape featuring Dom Dias

  1. Nina Simone - Feeling Good (Dom Dias Remix)
  2. Dom Dias - Velvet
  3. Dom Dias - ID
  4. Dom Dias x ID - ID
  5. Dom Dias - ID
  6. Dom Dias - ID
  7. The Jets - Crush On You (Dom Dias Remix)
  8. Mura Masa - Lovesick Fuck (Dom Dias Remix)
  9. Dom Dias - ID
  10. Rihanna - Pon De Replay (Dom Dias Remix)
  11. Dom Dias - ID
  12. Dom Dias - ID
  13. Drake - One Dance (Dom Dias Remix)
  14. Dom Dias - ID
  15. Drake - Poundcake (Dom Dias Remix)
  16. Dom Dias - ID
  17. Dom Dias - ID
  18. Flume - Holding On (Kaytranada Remix)
  19. Dom Dias - Promo
  20. Missy Elliot - I'm Really Hot (Kaytranada Remix)
  21. Dom Dias - ID
  22. Dom Dias - Mi Amor
  23. Dom Dias - ID

Full Interview with Dom Dias

My full conversation with Dom Dias, as recorded February 21st.

Topics include: his journey from DJing in a barn to The Hoxton, his undefinable genre and style, his remixing method, the story behind his producer tags, his future goals, the support he receives worldwide from Calvin Harris to Jaden Smith, and his upcoming EPs Daylight Slash Night and Girl.Of course we also address the impetus behind the interview, his set for My Mixtape including multiple cuts from each EP. Catch the mix tonight (Feb 24), live at 11 PM EST on Radio Humber.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Bump In The Hump: February 22 (Season 5, Episode 18)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Robotaki - Automaton

Recently, Robotaki has been pumping out tracks at a ridiculous rate. But not just cookie cutter, same old same old, kind of productions. He's experimented with a variety of sounds, styles, intensities and vocalists. His latest, "Automaton" released on Monstercat Friday, is his hardest yet, and like his track output, this too is tremendously diverse in its arc. The title says a lot about it, giving instant imagery of an iron clad colossus, clicking and whirring to life. This magical machine is imbued with an electric energy that is built around Robotaki's production style. It's not entirely analog or digital, it includes a mixture of almost organic life. It is a musical reflection of our essential interaction with the digital world around us; at times easy going and pleasurable, others incredibly frustrating when the electronics err. I'll be leading off tonight's episode of Bump In The Hump with Robotaki's "Automaton," which you can catch live from 6-7 PM EST on Radio Humber, here. Also on tonight's episode you'll hear tracks from Bedroomer's Mainroomer release, another cut from Deadbeats Compilation 1, an unexpected remix of Avril Lavigne's "Complicated," and more simple majesty from Attlas. Finally, we'll end the episode with a snippet of my interview with Dom Dias, ahead of his hour set for My Mixtape, airing Friday at 11.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars (Onderkoffer Remix)

That track you know from the meme of the moment, Bag Raiders "Shooting Stars" just got a trap remix from Dutch producer Onderkoffer. In fact this remix was made explicitly as result of the memes, as Onderkoffer wrote in the track description "Saw the memes, had to make a remix." He's also made it available for free download, encouraging us to use it in our own memes. Cop it here. I've known Onderkoffer through his remixes for years now, starting with his orchestral remix of Martin Garrix "Animals," and running through the likes of Jason Derulo "Wiggle," Fetty Wap "Trap Queen" and Daft Punk "Get Lucky." The man certainly has a penchant for remixing viral pop tracks, maintaining just enough of the original to keep people hooked, while tweaking it to his liking. This and his other remixes, succeed because he's obviously got a strong musical background and understanding of what works and what doesn't. While you may already be tired of the original, he's able to inject a little extra life into the overexposed production.


Monday, February 20, 2017

Gusto - Disco's Revenge (Wonder K Remix)

Classic 1996 house track "Disco's Revenge" from American producer Gusto, just received a reinvigoration from London's Wonder K. The original track and its title are themselves homages to an earlier time in music, sampling Harvey Mason's 1979 track "Groovin' You," and named after a Frankie Knuckles quote in which he refers to house music as "disco's revenge." And while this track was re-purposed and released yesterday, it says true to its roots, maintaining a healthy house groove.

"Disco's Revenge" glides along effortlessly filtering in and out guitar riffs, booming bass, and classic DJ effects. Although it's rather simple and not overly alluring, it's the kind of track that would fit flawlessly in any house set, keeping the groove going while not calling too much attention to itself. And that's exactly what I love about true house music and the way electronic music came about. It's about dancing and having fun, not focused on being showy, cool or trying to outdo other producers with big bass or dumb drops. It just is. It's simple quality, nothing more, nothing less. Hats off to Wonder K for keeping it real. Get your copy of "Disco's Revenge" free from The Artist Union, here.


Sunday, February 19, 2017

Holly - I'm No Better (ft. Apollodor)

Portuguese prodigy, Holly, who seems to put out either a collab or a track of his own every week, is at it again. He just dropped a decidedly more laidback track than his usual output. "I'm No Better" with guest vocalist Apollodor, takes much of the production we've come to expect from Holly and repackages it in a touching, emotionally aware design. The atmosphere immediately envelops as though entering a smoky after hours club. It feels a lot like a Jacques Greene production, the way Holly blends Apollodor's vocals with his carefully caressed production. In spite of its bleepy, clicking nature it's as smooth and subtle a track as you could hope for. It's supremely satisfying and full of hope. Pick up your slice of sultry smoothness, "I'm No Better" and enjoy it endlessly, for free from ToneDen, here. FOLLOW HOLLY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Young & Loud - Take Me Home (ft. Holly Drummond)

Malaysian duo Young & Loud dropped off a tremendously touching, trap inspired track called "Take Me Home" yesterday. Featuring vocals from Holly Drummond, the track paints an awesome picture using an incredible variety of sounds, from strings to saxophones. It starts as a desolate landscape with Drummond's voice slowly rising up out of the distance. Young & Loud then add elements filling the scene to such a level that the atmosphere seems to burst, giving way to the carefully crafted drop of opposing vocals and hollowing percussion. But this isn't the peak of their production performance; that comes in the middle section as the subtle saxophone winds its way around Drummond's dose of delirium inducing vocals. This is only magnified by the way the violin sweeps in as the lyrics change direction from "No where to go, no where to run. I just want to find some one" to "To take me home."

This is one of the hallmarks of a true quality production, not just utilizing the vocals and music in unison, but considering the lyrical content and pairing it perfectly with its musical bed. As a final example of this production prowess, the first line out of the drop is "Wish I could belong," ahead of the seemingly out of place sax. This pairing of lyrics and production is simply stunning, as is the track as a whole. Get your copy of "Take Me Home" for free from Tuneboost via Decoding Records, here. FOLLOW YOUNG & LOUD: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Aaron Jackson - Hold Me Tight (ft. Korynn O'Connell)

Oregon-based house producer, Aaron Jackson has just dropped an alluring track that will have you falling in love, then falling to pieces when the drops washes over your ears. Featuring the vocals of San Francisco's Korynn O'Connell, "Hold Me Tight" kicks off with a quaint house beat, slowly growing in magnitude. The chord progression recalls, at least for me, Jack Beats' Donae'o collab "You Should Know," but stands unique in its construction and design. Jackson works O'Connell's vocals in brilliantly, keeping the levels in a space that neither overpowers the groove nor falls to the wayside. As the underlying layers of synth wash all but the essentials away ahead of the drop, we are treated to a sick, wicked and nasty deluge of bass. It's stifling in its gripping groove, punctuated in just the right places as its hold on you tightens. As someone who was essentially brought up with house music as the form of electronic music, "Hold Me Tight" hits a special spot in my heart. I've often said and written that I'd happily die in the arms of certain producers' music, and can certainly say the same about this one. This slice of sublime house can be yours absolutely free, from the man himself, here. FOLLOW AARON JACKSON: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Bump In The Hump: February 15 (Season 5, Episode 17)

  • Johann Stone - Elsa (Yang Remix)
  • Soundprank - Don't Take It Away
  • CastNowski & CYMN - Jump
  • Eff That - Got The Bass Bumpin
  • Realmind - Malta (Billboard Remix)
  • Exclusion - Daily Routine
  • Dabin - You & I (ft. Jenna Pemkowski)
  • Joe Ghost - Guardian Angel (ft. Kevin Acero & Joyia)
  • Anna Lunoe - Radioactive (STFU Remix)
  • CRNKN ft. Sara Kendall - The Grip (Ramzoid Remix)
  • Pusher - Mayweather (ft. Heckz)
  • Holly x PRZM x CCIV - SUSS
  • Whipped Cream & Hekler - Icarus
  • Rezz - Matrix
  • Ephixa & Laura Brehm - Losing You

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Pusher & Rezz on Deadbeats Compilation 1

This past Friday Zeds Dead's label Deadbeats dropped a 9 track album, Compilation 1, showcasing bass music of all kinds. With tracks from the duo themselves, fellow local Memorecks, and Deadbeats regular Nebbra, there's plenty of quality tracks to choose from. But if you know anything about me and Bump In The Hump, you know I go gaga over both Pusher and Rezz. And while their styles couldn't be more different, their tracks play perfectly on this diverse yet somehow cohesive collection. First Pusher teams up with Brit vocalist Heckz for his most unexpected production yet. It's heavier than we've heard from the usually neon producer, even taking into account his absolutely fire "Shake Down." Where Pusher takes his production to new realms, Rezz stays firmly in her inimitable groove. It takes almost no time at all to identify this as a Rezz production. It's got all the hallmarks: exquisite sound design, creepy crawly synth work, and indomitable bass. Her twisted mind is again on full showcase with "Matrix," which feels as though you've taken both the red and blue pills, causing your brain to burst. Catch both of these tracks tonight on an all new episode of Bump In The Hump, live from 6-7 PM EST on Radio Humber. But that's not all, along with these bass tracks I've got some trance, bass house, future bass, trap, and more, including new Soundprank, Eff That, Dabin, STFU, Whipped Cream and Ephixa. Stay tuned to this blog for the tracklist and live stream link posted at 6 o'clock sharp.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

12 Best Releases of February 14, 2017

Each day I scan through my soundcloud feed looking for a specific kind of track. One that I like, one that has a generally low number of plays, and preferably one that hasn't been covered by other blogs yet. Today however I seemed to find more than normal, actually an even dozen. So instead of writing a longer piece about one track, I've opted to showcase all of them with a brief sentence or two, detailing why I like them so much. Check them out below and grab the free downloads where applicable.
Hero - Dirty Work
Calgary's Hero has been on a role lately, producing a number of breathtaking tracks, including his VHS Pop EP. This one excels with a Daft Punk vibe alongside some truly touching lyrics and a godly groove.

Realmind - Malta (Billboard Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
This is some Montreal on Montreal mixing here. It's got a ton of guts and some wild future bass mentality. The sound design of each element is extraordinary, and the progression is perfect.

Malaa - Bylina (Lick Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
The latest Malaa production is already making waves around the world, and while I appreciate its vocals and much of the design, Lick's remix speaks to me even more. I prefer a fuller drop than what the original offers and this one has just that, there's no boring bits or points in which I desire more.

Kream - Love You More (Nate Lowpass Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
As he notes in the track description, the vocals have an immediate allure, and Nate Lowpass's mix suits them brilliantly. The bass plays perfectly and drives along with the tuned drum fills.

SL.Y - F.U.N. ft Hesk
Toronto's Bedroomer collective have themselves a new club focused compilation called Mainroomer. Along with tracks from Kare and a collab between Internet Daughter and Eytan Tobin, this one shows sensational synth work and awesome vocal chops. Its furious pace is as exciting as it is enjoyable.

LigOne - Choose The Flow
This one sparkles right off the bat, and only gets brighter and bouncier as it goes along. It shows off LigOne's incredible ability to bring together so many elements and have them work in sync superbly.

Anna Lunoe - Radioactive (Masayoshi Iimori Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
After dropping off six official remixes Friday, Anna's added another five including this from Masayoshi, as well as G-Buck and Vices. This mix once again proves that there's no one that can truly match Masayoshi's production style. His almost schizophrenic treatment makes this a psycho club killer.

Tennyson x Mr. Carmack - Tuesday
Easily the most laid-back track in this list, the seemingly opposing styles of this collab actually work wonderfully. It's got the jazzy feel of Tennyson guiding the movement, while Carmack's club qualities shine through. Stay tuned for Wednesday and Thursday forthcoming via Red Bull Sound Select.

Shawn Wasabi - Spicy Boyfriend
The cuteness of Shawn Wasabi's productions cannot be overstated, nor can the quality of his sound design in this track. Its youthful play makes me overflow with an unbridled feeling of freedom. I highly recommend checking out the video of him performing it live from his bed, here.

The Kount - You Glow
This is some kind of Kaytranada, Anderson .Paak stuff, and boy am I glad to have found it. The groove and feels it exudes are extraordinary. It meshes live performance and electronic production seamlessly.

Coolights & Element - Show U (ft. NKOLO) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
How a track can simultaneously be so banging yet so beautiful and full of feels I'll never know. It reminds me of two of my favourite tracks at the moment, Rytmeklubben's "Like That" and Indiginis' "Get Ur Frk On." I fully expect this to be one of my go to early morning tracks that gives me life.

Terror Jr - Come First (Kid Froopy Remix)
Can you sense a theme here? This too is what I like to refer to as a beautiful banger. It's emotional with its combination of chords and vocals, but what Kid Froopy has done with the drop is sure to have your heart skip a beat. I'm truly speechless. I don't want to do anything but listen to this again and again.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Falco Benz - Like Today (PWNDTIAC Remix)

Dutch producer Falco Benz's warm, shimmering synth track "Like Today" just got a facelift from highly capable remixer, PWNDTIAC. Where the original is a heavenly house track, laden with wavering synth solos, the remix takes a deeper approach, thumping its low end ultimately contrasting with the rejigged synth work. While you could still call it a house track, this version has more highs and lows, at times relying almost exclusively on piano to pique your interest. And boy does it ever succeed at that, each section of PWNDTIAC's remix offers a onslaught of emotions. But the best part is that he doesn't hit you over the head with his production, its washes over you without you being aware. And that's the true beauty of this mix, it's subtle yet so strong and well put together. It's got a quiet pride, slowly going about its business, progressing as it moves along. From its first warm, waking strides, through each independent and unique 'drop' to its awe inspiring final flourish, this remix shows supreme style and sophistication. Find it with the rest of the remix package forthcoming on Magnetron Music. FOLLOW FALCO BENZ: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Saturday, February 11, 2017

NtrlTaste - Clarity

Russian duo NtrlTaste (Natural Taste), just dropped a free track on PIL's (Play It Louder) internet imprint. "Clarity" is a sneaky, subtle future bass and trap amalgam. I always like to picture electronic tracks as elaborate Rube Goldberg machines, and the construction of this one amazes me. The number of elements from plucked strings, xylophones, shimmering synths to odd vocal chops, make this one of the most sophisticated productions I can think of. It's got bits that remind me of Cashmere Cat or Ryan Hemsworth, with others that feel like Flume. It is delicate yet not soft in the middle; it still maintains enough thump in its kicks to demand a get-down across the dance-floor. The diamond sharp sound design of "Clarity" tickles my fancy, and can be downloaded free, from ToneDen, here. FOLLOW NTRLTASTE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, February 10, 2017

My Mixtape featuring Frustra

  1. Gorgon City ft. Tink & Mikky Ekko - Impaired Vision (Frustra Remix)
  2. Flume - Insane (Frustra Remix)
  3. Banks - In Your Eyes (Frustra Remix)
  4. SG Lewis x Dornik - All Night (Frustra Redux)
  5. Noble Oak - Hyperion (Frustra Remix)
  6. Mathematic - Brrrlin (Frustra Edit)
  7. A-Trak ft. Jamie Lidell - We All Fall Down (Frustra Remix)
  8. Katy B x Chris Lorenzo - I Wanna Be (Frustra Bootleg)
  9. Just Kiddin - Thinking About It (Frustra Remix)
  10. AlunaGeorge - Outlines (Frustra Remix)
  11. Dusky ft. Pedestrian - Spruce (Frustra Remix)

Exclusion - Daily Routine

Exclusion, a primarily dubstep producer from Calgary, just dropped a track called "Daily Routine." However the three and half minute ride is anything but regular or usual. He paints the cyclic procedure as the opposite of a mundane repetition; it's progressive, full of childlike energy and allure. We could only hope that our days were as exciting as this track. "Daily Routine" feels like a beautiful euphoric video game; it's a shimmering infinite landscape that overflows with the feelings vitality and security. The piano and percussion combine to give it a liquid jazz feel, utterly in the pocket. I'm taken by not just its elegance, but the exquisite journey, full of life and humanity. "Daily Routine" is available for free download on ToneDen, here, as part of LA based label, spirited.'s Free Spirits Vol. 4 compilation. FOLLOW EXCLUSION: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, February 09, 2017

YOOKiE - Subs (James Meyers & AWAL Remix)

Nearly two months ago I wrote about YOOKiE's track "Subs" on my friend's blog, FUXWITHIT, (post here). Today it received a brain battering remix courtesy Chicago's James Meyers and mystery man, AWAL. These two put YOOKiE's incredibly designed original production to good use, taking the already diabolical drop to a more monstrous level. In the post above, I describe "Subs" as "part Frankenstein's monster, part Ridley Scott's Alien," and while that image stands strong in this revision, it's almost more visceral in its presentation. It's as though "Subs" were the original Alien from 1979, and this is the reboot with Predator. It's more violent than its predecessor, taking the original throbbing of "Subs" and upping the intensity. It shows a warped perspective of the universe, showing utter despair and licentiousness at its core. Whether it's the egg beater-esque treatment of the synth, the maleficent manipulation of the additional vocals or the ominous strobing alarm, there is nothing in this track that isn't an assault on either the original or our humanity. The inherent evil of this remix is unavoidable, reminding me of the darkness of Rezz, who yesterday responded to my tweet wondering "does she feed off nightmares" with simply "the depth of my brain." Dive into the depths of the brains of both James Meyers and AWAL, but only if you dare. Download the track for free via Artist Engine, here. FOLLOW AWAL: FACEBOOK SOUNDCOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Bump In The Hump: February 8 (Season 5, Episode 16)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Special Extended Episode

After a week off due to illness, I'm back with a special extended episode of Bump In The Hump. It's really hard to take a week off, because the music just keeps pouring in, meaning I'd have to cut out/skip some amazing tracks, and I just can't bring myself to do that. In fact the track I have cue'd up to kick off this week's episode came out the day I last did Bump In The Hump, January 25th, and I even spoke about it during that show with RYME. It's the latest from Tiga, "Eye Luv U." Running at nearly 8 minutes long this would normally take up nearly a seventh of the episode, and it's not the only epic track that arrived in my inbox over the past two weeks. That's why I asked to get an extended episode, to which Radio Humber obliged. In order to accommodate the Friday rebroadcast, this episode will run just less than two hours in length, allowing me to give several artists their Bump In The Hump debuts, play more monumental tracks, and not only host my interview with Frustra, ahead of his My Mixtape episode Friday at 11, but also make an exclusive premiere of his latest track "B.O.U.N.C.E." Since it's unreleased you'll have to wait for tonight to hear it. But I will give you a further sneak peek at tonight's episode with the lead track from Jesse Zimmerman's most recent EP."Sombre Dance" comes from the three track Mourning Dance EP, which you can download now for free. As you can see by these two teasers, you're in for an absolutely enormous episode bursting at the seams. You can catch it all live starting at 6 PM EST, here, and as per usual the episode will be uploaded for streaming after the fact, via mixcloud, and hosted with tracklist on this very blog.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

2017 Juno Nominees

It's that time of year again, and the Junos (Canada's Music Awards) have released their list of nominees. As per usual I'll break down the categories relevant to this blog: Dance Recording of the Year and Electronic Album of the Year. As a reminder last years winners were: Keys N Krates for "Save Me" with Katy B, and Pomo for The Other Day. Now to this years nominees...

Note: As with my Grammys post (here) I'll give my two cents, write-in a nominee, and place bets on who should win from those nominations and who will actually win, but as usual, I'm probably wrong.

At first glance this is a formidable and worthy list of nominees, but upon closer inspection one of these is not like the others. Zeds Dead Northern Lights is not a track, it's an album, and that's not what this category is. It's meant to be a single recording. Ironically this isn't the first time the Junos have made a mistake with this category. Just last year they nominated Kaytranada's "At All" only to eventually discover that it was released outside the eligibility period.

I wondered if this was perhaps just a typo on this image, but after checking their website (here) it confirms the mistaken nomination. All of this isn't to say Zeds Dead are not deserving of a nomination, as tracks like "Too Young," "Stardust" or "Blame" could easily fill that spot. But enough of the Junos' error and onto the four obvious inclusions.

It's hard to believe that Delaney Jane is just getting her first Juno nod, since she seems to be on just about every chart topper in the past two plus years. But I guess it's fitting that she breaks through with "Limitless" as that's just what her career trajectory is. I'm so excited that both Bit Funk and Jacques Greene are on this shortlist, as I've been a fan of both for quite sometime. While Bit Funk's track is more typical of popular dance music at the movement, with its bouncy deep house vibes, Jacques Greene's is atypical, making it a genius return to the scene after months of silence. The heart palpitations I get whenever I hear "You Can't Deny" is what makes this my pick for winner. Last but not least, is Shaun Frank's latest in a long list of hits "Let You Get Away." This may be the most obvious nod, as Frank has quickly become one of the most trusted and widely respected producers in the world, crafting not just his own bangers, but working with The Chainsmokers among others. Whether it be "Let You Get Away," "La La Land" or "Heaven" you had to know Shaun Frank was going to make this list.

Who Should Win: Jacques Greene
Who Will Win: Shaun Frank
My Write-In Nomination: Pusher - Clear (ft. Mothica)

Between the obvious cultural importance and undeniable quality of A Tribe Called Red's album, this was a lock to be included. The long list of collaborators only further propel the trio's unique sound and style into an unparalleled piece of art. As Joseph Boyden says in "Before," "You guys got pull, you do. People listen to you, you know they do." We Are The Halluci Nation certainly puts A Tribe Called Red on the forefront. Bob Moses, who are also nominated for Breakthrough Group of the Year, absolutely stormed onto the stage. Days Gone By received a slew of scary good remixes, but none of that would've been possible without their thoughtfully crafted original productions. As soon as I heard Harrison's Checkpoint Titanium I was blown away, even though it's nothing like his early chiptune tracks that I first fell for. It's a cohesive collection of thought-provoking productions, with an awesome set of collaborators, from Ryan Hemsworth to Clairmont The Second and Allie. Holy Fuck's triumphant return Congrats, their first release since 2010, is everything you've come to love about their furious style, only more omni-directional. It shows off their production prowess and contrasting wild/refined sides. Then of course comes the heavyweight of the category, Kaytranda's criticcally renowned album 99.9%. Already taking home the coveted Polaris Music Prize, it has to be the favourite to win, and deservingly so, it truly is an awe inspiring work of art.

Who Should Win: Kaytranada
Who Will Win: A Tribe Called Red
My Write-In Nomination: Zeds Dead - Northern Lights

The Junos take place April 1st and 2nd in Ottawa at the Canadian Tire Centre, watch them on CTV.

Monday, February 06, 2017

Michael Jackson - Human Nature (Louis La Roche Remix)

The combination of Louis La Roche and Michael Jackson has already been established as pure poise and breathtaking beauty. The Norwich based, nu disco producer has previously taken on three of The King's tracks to great avail: "Remember The Time," "Thriller" and "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'." Now with the help of the original stems, he's repackaged "Human Nature" around sublime synth work, giving Michael's voice a weightless vitality. As you'd expect the new backing track is produced with polished aplomb, fitting the original aesthetic perfectly. There's no doubt Louis was brought up with MJ in his ear, even though this track came out 8 years before he was born. This is not just a remix, it's an homage to The King and even better, humanity as whole. The revision oozes with love and passion, proving that La Roche can channel the qualities of Quincy Jones. The tenderness we are treated to in this remix is few and far between, yet something we need more and more these days. Cherish and share the beauty of "Human Nature" with your friends and family by grabbing the free download via Toneden, here. FOLLOW LOUIS LA ROCHE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, February 05, 2017

King Peanuts - Why We Love

Last week, Londoner King Peanuts released "Nobody Knows" a stiff, groovy breakbeat track, and the first from his 8 part LP, Electronic Kingdom. Early this morning he followed it up with a considerably more touching and emotional, yet equally twisted track, "Why We Love." Propelled by a powerful piano melody, the experimental mixture of trap qualities, sparse progressive percussion, vocal rhythms and atmospheric allure makes this a track of unparalleled beauty. The way King Peanuts tickles the ivory setting up the awesome track, causes you fall head over heels almost instantly. But he astutely alters the course of his production, since as we're aware love isn't all butterflies and rainbows. He injects conflict as the vocal sample sours, diving into the trappy drop, leaving the track in utter despair and dismay. The conflict does indeed get resolved with the reappearance of the piano, lifting our spirits and reminding us of the awesomeness of adoration. The additional strings at the end only amplify the fact that love is made stronger after overcoming strife. "Why We Love" is a brilliant reminder that 'it's always darkest before the dawn.' Get the free download from The Artist Union while you can, here. FOLLOW KING PEANUTS: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, February 03, 2017

Avila - In Line

Wavvy Posse's Avila let loose a bass weapon Wednesday, "In Line." The scene he sets is a shiny, boundless musical ecstacy. However that doesn't last long with the domineering depths soon to come. "In Line" takes the bass to massive, lumbering levels, and pairs it with some of the best electronic synths sounds, as though Darth Vader's helmet is malfunctioning. The contrast of the pounding low end and the almost evaporating highs is stark yet, utterly effective, especially as the track sours, turning into a 'super saiyan' bass banger. From the perfectly placed police siren to the punctating drum fills, each element works judisciously together. I can easily envision "In Line" absolutely bulldoze a dance floor, with its deep, dark mechanical madness. Grab the free download from The Artist Union here. FOLLOW AVILA: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, February 02, 2017

cavest - what is life

A year ago this month I wrote about cavest and his dual release rve/rlx. That soundcloud account has since been removed, as has the track "rve" (although it seems to have been logged on old.mixupload.com), with "rlx" reposted to his new account. It seems the German producer has been busy since that last post, releasing at least 10 new productions. The latest of which speaks to my flu-induced delirium, "what is life." Sticking with his trap stylings, cavest does a brilliant job setting the atmosphere around echoing modulated vocals, sneaky string slips, and deluge of delightful synth work. It's fluttery and fun, moving as much as an oft-expelled student changes schools. However the key to the quality of cavest's production comes in the combination of his carefully crafted sounds with the wandering synths and vocals. They harmonize so perfectly it cannot be coincidence, it must be the work of a divine creator. Ask the almighty question "what is life" for free via The Artist Union, here. FOLLOW CAVEST: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Leat'eq - Journey

Yesterday Leat'eq dropped a snappy, playful track called "Journey." Like the internet label it's released on, Chill Trap, it's both easy-going yet also banging enough that bouncing up and down to its steely drop, seems utterly obvious. Leat'eq's success with "Journey" comes from his ability to weave light and emotionally gripping movement together with classic rave samples, and punchy percussion. The progression of the rapid fire stabs in the drops is a thing of beauty, breathing life into the automated awesomeness. It's simple yet superbly satisfying, and the kind of track I can easily hear in a Girl Trapz mix, which may account for my enjoyment of it. Embark on the "Journey" for free via Hypeddit here. FOLLOW LEAT'EQ: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER