Tuesday, May 09, 2017

josh pan re-uploads two tracks

First off, I want to apologize for incorrectly capitalizing josh pan's name in all of my previous posts. I always try to follow what the artist has put forward in terms of stylization, but between the many social media platforms there's often inconsistencies, and my default mode is to capitalize proper names. But that's all beside the point of this post, which is to showcase two new old tracks from the man himself.

Late last night josh took to his secondary souncloud account to post what he's called "old bootlegs & things." First was a bootleg of Brandy and Monica "The Boy Is Mine." It shows off serious vocal chops and pan's penchant for the piano. He maintains much of the original R&B vibe while reupping it with a deeper, darker, futuristic jazz feel. It's unlike anything I've come across, but that's just josh pan. The second shining example of josh's genius is his remix of Janet Jackson's "If I Was Your Girl." It too has a futuristic jazz club vibe, just a little brighter and more fluid than "tbim" above.

Upon first pressing play I thought "damn this is pretty cool," and let it play out. I then went on to look at twitter, reply to a text message, and talk to my cat, all while letting "if" glide along in the background. Nearing the end of the track I awoke from my multitasking mania and wondered what this brilliance was that I had been listening to. There is no better indication in my mind as to when a track is truly meritorious, it is equally as enjoyable when paying the utmost attention as it is when it's in the background. Download both for free via ToneDen, follow his second account here, and others below. FOLLOW JOSH PAN: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER