Friday, May 05, 2017

Caveman - Life Or Just Living (Lil Hank Remix)

Need a smile? Just have a look at Lil Hank up there, or give his remix of Caveman "Life Or Just Living" a play. Hitting soundcloud just before noon today, the LA based doggo and oft-experimental producer's revision of the track from Otero War is pure pop passion. It's wistful and warm, letting the lyrics lead while playing with a childlike puppy-like enthusiasm. Whether it's the uplifting spirit of the synths strides to the plucky nature of the guitar, or even the toy piano, there's nothing about Lil Hank's update that doesn't feel amorous or kindhearted. The love in "Life Or Just Living" is truly, and beautifully inescapable. Be sure to share its power by streaming below or via Spotify here. FOLLOW CAVEMAN: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER