Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Fox Stevenson - Better Now (Demicat Remix)

Brilliant Brit and forward thinking producer, Fox Stevenson is celebrating his upcoming set in Seoul by releasing a remix package made up of three of the special city's best artists. IMLAY, GiiANA and Demicat are all scheduled to support Stevenson's set and you can just about guarantee they'll be playing their newly released remixes. Despite the originals being released in 2014, each still has futuristic feels that are only amplified by these new remixes.

I'm particularly intrigued by Demicat's delightful mixture of future bass, trap and DnB on "Better Now." He does a bang up job playing with the powerful production Fox Stevenson had already laid out, and much like the man himself, he flips flawlessly through the seemingly opposing subgenres. At times it feels as though the track has picked up so much steam, through the breakneck DnB, that "Better Now" may just burst into flames and rocket out of the earth's atmosphere. That playfulness in the percussion is met with sublime strings, which maintain a mood that allows for the future bass style drop. It's magical in its harp flourishes, water droplets, and trap style vocal chops. How a track can be so twisted, yet so euphoric and bright is beyond me, and that's exactly why I love what Demicat has done here. Check out the other two remixes here, and if you happen to be in Seoul give this event a look.