Saturday, May 06, 2017

MU5T D13 - N30 T0KY0 (JEAN BLOC R3M1X)

The latest in the Ducky and friends RAVE TOOLZ series, comes from Sweden's JEAN BLOC. He brings his a mixture of booming, hardcore and DnB to Must Die's "Neo Tokyo." When you're talking about RAVE TOOLZ, you're talking the most franticly, hype remixes of already fire tracks. Obviously then both the original and remixer are perfect for the now 82 release old series. JEAN BLOC hits on all cylinders, spinning wildly. As far as club weapons go this one is sure to leave you overwrought and delirious. Apart from the intro and short reprieve in the middle, there's no room to catch your breath. It'll turn the most disinterested dancer into a rabid raver. Get on board the train that is "Neo Tokyo," as it tears into the future. It, as with the whole RAVE TOOLZ series, is available for download free, here. FOLLOW JEAN BLOC: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER