Saturday, December 16, 2017

Migos - Slippery (KAKU x Stevie G Remix)

Maybe I've missed it, but I'm not sure I've ever come across a Jersey Club flip of Migos. That is until today, with KAKU and Stevie G dropping their dopeness on "Slippery." We all know about Migos' massive impact in the last year plus, so it seems odd that I haven't heard any bed squeaking takes, especially since it seems their flow lends itself to this kind of club construction. In fact this may be my new favourite Jersey Club flip of the year. KAKU and Stevie G really put in some strong work, hitting on all cylinders. As always I look for progressive and playful drum work, which comes through in droves here. Also the syncopated synth and vocal chops, which here is more intoxicating than a shot of absinthe. Then there's the samples that simply satisfy, while demanding "watch me." And we haven't even talked about the drop yet. While it's nothing extraordinary, it's not really meant to be; it's just a lose your self to this while the whole club jumping kind of vibe. Can you tell I'm drooling over this one? Alright, enough of that. Pick up your download of "Slippery" for free via The Artist Union, here.FOLLOW MIGOS: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, December 15, 2017

Destructo - Loaded (ft. Yo Gotti)

There's a comment under this track saying "finally g-house is back." EH? Where did it go? It feels like Dr. Fresch has been delivering the goods for a least a couple years now (as recently as yesterday), and I've covered many other upstarts on this blog. There's also no denying that Destructo has been on the leading edge of this G-House 'revival,' if that is even a thing. That being said, this track, "Loaded," is sure to bring more unenlightened listeners into the G-House fold. Not many artists bring as much weight as Destructo. And I don't just mean figuratively as in clout, but also weight, as in a sizable bass. The ominous gritty boom starts low, but builds up to an unavoidable impact, transforming Yo Gotti's vocal character into a vicious goliath. The themes of braggadocio and intimidation run rampant through both the blistering bass and vainglorious vocals. "Loaded" is the latest example of the truly top notch production ability of Destructo, and ought to be included in any bass house DJ's repertoire.
Stream and download "Loaded" from your preferred source here.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

Dr. Fresch & NuKid - 151

Dr. Fresch has been busy. Just two weeks ago he dropped another godly G-House bootleg, in the form of A$AP Ferg's "Plain Jane," and earlier this week I wrote about his Bloghaus episode of The Prescription. Now he's teamed up with NuKid for a potent original production, "151." Like most of what we've come to expect from the good doctor, this track is overly ominous, dropping an unavoidable weight on unsuspecting listeners. Claustrophobes be warned, this one closes in on you quickly, because in spite of its unsightly heft, it's actually quite nimble. The drum work deftly delivers this diabolical dance groove that flows as freely as a noxious gas. Just like the titular concoction, this track is best consumed under adult supervision, and can lead to regrets the next day. Download free here.FOLLOW DR. FRESCH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER