Thursday, January 17, 2019

Joe Goddard - Jack Come Back

After a relatively quiet 2018 following the smashing success of 2017's Electric Lines, Joe Goddard seems poised for another big year as he's already offered up a new original in "Jack Come Back," the lead single from forthcoming shared EP with Kiwi. Jack Come Back / LakE, which is due out February 8th via Cin Cin Records, has already whet our appetite with the title track already surfacing on Spotify below. Instantly bouncy with both its drum delivery and rubbery bass, it turns whatever surface you're standing on into a trampoline park. However this isn't some overly sanitized, family-friendly facility, it is dark and, in turn, dangerous - equal parts inviting and irksome. The omnipresent acid-tinge sends shivers down your spine as you become hyper-aware of warehouse's worn down equipment. However that's all part of the power and allure of "Jack Come Back," it is exciting, energizing and just a little bit risky. A giant, pulsating, guilty pleasure, I'll certainly be coming back to this while I wait for the full release with "Moebius Trip" and Kiwi's "LakE" and "KatE," February 8th. Pre-order now via Bandcamp.FOLLOW JOE GODDARD: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Bump In The Hump: January 16 (Season 8, Episode 17)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Jordan Astra - All Blessings (Mikey Palermo Remix)

On a tear behind the decks recently, playing Destructo's Friendship, opening for Dillon Nathaniel last weekend and set to open for Walker & Royce this weekend, Mikey Palermo is absolutely on fire. However his talents reach further than the wheels of steel, as I can say for certain the man has big stuff cooking on the production side for 2019. Our first example of this coming in his take on Toronto/Melbourne artist Jordan Astra. "All Blessings" sees Mikey in his wheelhouse, adding funky tech grooves to the catchy hip hop flow. Just like his genius "XO TOUR Llif3" bootleg from December of 2017, this is Mikey at his best. Stream below and follow Mikey's rise with socials at the bottom.Tonight's episode of Bump In The Hump plays host to many more Toronto talents in Vincent Caira, Art Department, Memphis and the debut release of newly formed duo COREKT (Duskope and Brock Edwards). There's house, funk, future bass, techno, dubstep and more. Don't miss it live from 7-9 PM EST via Radio Humber or find it cataloged after the fact on Mixcloud here.