Monday, October 22, 2018

Donna Missal - Keep Lying (Sapphire Adizes Remix)

Why an artist remixes a track is always an interesting endeavor. Sometimes it's to re-position it for the dance-floor, sometimes it's to focus on certain vocals or a specific feeling. The changes can be almost complete, leaving little of the original intact. Other times it can come more in the shape of a cover, maintaining much of the form, simply retelling or recasting in a more personal mode. And that's what we have here in Sapphire Adizes' remix of Donna Missal's momentous track "Keep Lying."

Like a cover, the two versions run nearly exactly the same length and mirror each-other in terms of melody and movement. However this is not just Sapphire Adizes replaying the track, he's totally claimed it for himself, using this new version as a cathartic creation in overcoming the loss of a lover. The new distorted bass, conflict ridden claps, and overall atmosphere of unease derives from an argument he had with the girl he lost; saying "my frustration manifested in the distortion of the bass, and I played that bass back to myself louder and louder, it was the sound of the words I couldn't find, and I was too angry to do anything but make it louder." Already raw and emotionally ragged, Sapphire Adizes doubles down on the intensity of the original, clearly capturing and amplifying its essence. Not just sonic power but emotional, the strength of this track is undeniably evident in personal catharsis, presumably for Donna Missal but clearly so for Sapphire Adizes. Bask in its brew below.FOLLOW SAPPHIRE ADIZES: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Friday, October 19, 2018

Enlightened Listening for October 19

Gotta love the life Fridays bring through all the new music that comes with it. This week's Enlightened Listening sees some new names (C.O.Z, Parametric and more) alongside some old favourites including a handful of fantastic remixes. There's the likes of TennysonHudson Mohawke, Justin Martin, GTA, TroyBoi, Dombresky and more. Stream below, find brief descriptions after the playlist and enjoy!

Tennyson - Face The Night*
Always inspired, Tennyson craft some of the coolest and most unique pop productions. Such a vibe.

Kito - Pamplemousse (ft. Hudson Mohawke)
The night Tennyson were getting us ready for. More potent percussion. Beautiful and mysterious.

Nick Monaco - River (Mija Remix)
Magical breakbeat mystery. Sublime, stunning soundscape. The voices, bass guitar and sax, just wow.

Strafe - Set It Off (Justin Martin Remix)
Cannot stop listening to this genius. The long version is the best of the 3 mixes, and it may be one of the best tracks of the year. Not sure why but I'm reminded of Erol Alkan's "Forever Dolphin Love." Its just got such a unique, undeniable allure.

EDDIE - Spiritual Contraband
The first of two mau5trap EPs in this list. The more typical of the two, in that its progressive, beautifully crafted techno. The whole EP is definitely dance-worthy, but man is the title track ever good.

Antic - Turncoat
An awesome offering from Anjunadeep. Wandering wonderment with a glitchy groove.

C.O.Z - Back & Forth
Expansive, line blurring blend of bass house/techno. Turn up the sub and let it do the dancing for you.

DJ Zinc & Chris Lorenzo - Gammy Elbow (Dnb Mixes)
I've never seen a remix package like this. Both artists offer their own DnB mixes of their collaboration. Really cool to hear Chris' version compared to Zinc's, his bass house background works wonders while Zinc's consistent quality continues to shine strong.

GTA & Tisoki - Botellas (ft. Godwonder)
Need to bring back TWRK's mix series just for this. Unreal energy, cannot help but wile out to this.

Tails & Inverness - Skeleton (ft. Nevve)
TWRK, Girl Trapz or Get Right Radio, this one has that Benzi stamp of approval as the first release on his new label Parametric. One hell of a get down with vocals that lift you back up every time.

ODESZA - Falls Remixes
TroyBoi, TOKiMONSTA, and Photay all in one remix package? Oh and that's without mentioning Kaskade and The Glitch Mob. STACKED. Jaw dropping work from TroyBoi as per usual. TOKiMONSTA applies a pop polish perfectly, and Photay freaks it out in fantastic fashion. Something for everyone.

Dombresky - Futurmastic
There is no version of Dombresky I enjoy more than the melodic, chill, groovy version. This bright bounce number just feels like the perfect finale to any set or playlist. Exceptionally easy listening.