Friday, April 03, 2020

Enlightened Listening for April 3

Another week, another month, another new edition of Enlightened Listening. While we're around the average size of 15 releases, it's a massive edition thanks to albums from Amtrac, JOYRYDE and AC Slater. Oh yeah, and a massive 31 track compilation from Afterlife with benefits going to the fight against COVID-19 in Lombardy, Italy. Otherwise we're looking a bunch of singles and a couple EPs. Find them all in the embed below with brief descriptions after the fact. Enjoy, stay safe and stay sane.

Amtrac - Oddyssey
Uplifting and beautiful album. Leans heavily on organic instrumentation with an appropriate sprinkling of electronic. Keeps you on your toes with its varied flow and energy.

Massane - Visage 1 (No Return)
I can't remember the last This Never Happened release I didn't like. In fact listening to the lead track again now, I'm struck by its subtle strength and brilliance. Warm and beautiful. I could live here.

Various Artists - Unity
Massive stuff. Not just in the number of tracks, but in their sheer sonic size. Standouts from Ae:ther, Fideles, Stephan Bodzin, Stephan Jolk, and of course, Tale Of Us.

Qrion - B4 Montreal (TSHA Remix)
Two of my favourite artists at the moment; seemingly neither can do any wrong. TSHA's percussion prowess is once again on full display.

Netsky - I See The Future In Your Eyes
It's been a while since I've really been into a Netsky track but this one, a welcome return to Hospital, reminds me why he was the one that really got me hooked on DnB. Sensational stuff.

The Prototypes - Oxygen ft. Kudu Blue
Right there with Netsky as my favourite DnB acts, The Prototypes pull me right back into ecstasy with this soaring number.

Thommy Davis & Randy Roberts - Try Jah Love (John Morales M+M Radio Edit)
The original is one of my all-time favourite tracks and this is a welcome rendition. Morales does a great job keeping the original integrity while adding a more club/DJ friendly twist. Gotta love the way the guitar and drums are showcased.

Tombz - Three 6
The last two World Famous Headquarters releases have been two of my favourite house tracks of the year. Botnek have done an incredible job curating the label and Tombz has delivered a dope groover.

DLMT & Lökii - Freak
Big bad wolf vibes and I don't mean the Duck Sauce classic, but rather the ominous archetype. Wicked roller.

SLATIN - I Don't Think So
Wild and wonky, I'm just surprised this isn't on World Famous Headquarters. Get ready for your jaw to drop.

Mr. Oizo ft. Roméo Elvis - Pharmacist
SLATIN set us up nicely for these freak outs. Oizo stays in a league of his own.

Moralez - Reach For The Dead
The build and movement in this is incredible. Feels like an 80's soundtrack piece dropped in a vat of acid.

The most anticipated electronic album ever? Even with expectations at a seemingly impossible level it does not disappoint. It bangs at an unbelievable rate and features plenty of different takes.

AC Slater - Hi8 Remixed
Lots of different flavours of bangers. Real club hours type ish. Rage ready.

DJ Cruz ft. STVSH & Jay Critch - Get A Bag (ANGELZ Remix)
If this is really the last of ANGELZ's tech house output (the tweet indicating this transition has since be deleted, so perhaps it's troll), it's a fantastic finale. An exceptional roller with oodles of movement providing a ton of fun.

Thursday, April 02, 2020

Full, Uncut Interview with Rhyot

Recorded March 29th on Skype, this is my full conversation with EMERCIVE label boss, DJ and producer Rhyot. Unfortunately, I mistakenly left my mic input on the internal H4N as opposed to the Shure I was holding to my face for the first half, so please excuse my ignorance and the resultant low quality of my questions. Topics included: the rise and origin of Rhyot from humble DJ beginnings to creating and scoring cheesy YouTube videos and eventually the sonic storytelling we get today, the creations and (changing) role of EMERCIVE Recordings, and of course his jam-packed episode of My Mixtape, which airs Saturday April 4th at 11 PM EDT on Radio Humber. Listen now and follow below.FOLLOW RHYOT: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER