Friday, March 31, 2017

My Mixtape featuring Future Magic

  1. One Direction - What Makes You Beautiful (Future Magic Remix)
  2. Future Magic x Jilbare - Fire (ft. Izzy Salinel)
  3. Mako - Smoke Filled Room (Future Magic x  Jilbare Remix)
  4. Adventure Club - Need Your Heart 2.0 (Adventure Club x Dion Timmer x Kai)
  5. Jauz x San Holo - OK
  6. Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE - Superstar (ft. Krewella)
  7. Pusher - Clear (ft. Mothica)
  8. Future Magic - Saviour (ft. Schacel x Ellevan)
  9. Future Magic - Getaway (ft. Kye Munroe)
  10. Seven Lions & Echos - Cold Skin
  11. Lynx (aka Cymba) ft. Kye Munroe - Spectre (Future Magic Remix)
  12. Cymba ft. Deverano - Hush (Future Magic Remix)
  13. Hellberg - The Girl (Killabyte Remix)
  14. Stadium X ft. Angelika Vee - Wonderland (Future Magic Remix)
  15. Future Magic - In The Radio (ft. Kass)
  16. Future Magic - The Return
  17. Future Magic x W!CKA - Yeah
  18. Feenixpawl x Apek - Quicksand (Future Magic Remix)
  19. Inukshuk x Breathe Carolina - Nights
  20. Borgeous x Brklyn ft. Lenachka - Miracle (Future Magic Remix)
  21. Shaun Frank - Let You Get Away (ft. Ashe)
  22. Future Magic x Ellevan - New To Me (ft. Dez x Prince Rose)
Check out my full uncut interview with Future Magic, here.

ayokay ft. Chelsea Cutler - The Shine

I don't know about you but I'm more than ready for any semblance of warm weather to arrive. It's been over a month since it was nice enough to go outside and play baseball. But we just keep hearing that "it's only a matter of time." At least that's what Chelsea Cutler sings on ayokay's latest release. "The Shine" furthers my desire for the summer to speed up its return. But at least right now I'm able to bask in its brilliance, making my dimly lit basement feel like a tropical paradise. I knew right from the get go with that this was a crazy cool production. Whatever the percussion is at the beginning caught my attention, and then Cutler's vocals proceeded to suck me in. But it's the further elements ayokay adds that truly cements this as a track I can really groove to. Although the lyric I noted above continues "it's only a matter of time til the shine wears off," I feel like its going to be a long time for me. FOLLOW AYOKAY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Full, uncut interview with Future Magic

Monday I had the pleasure of speaking with Future Magic in the Radio Humber studios. And although I've had some really informative and entertaining interviews on Bump In The Hump before, this one takes the cake. We chatted for nearly two hours, most of which was recorded and can be found below. Enjoy the entirely uncut, nearly 80 minutes worth of our conversation before his jam packed hour-long set for My Mixtape, which hits the airwaves tomorrow night, March 31st at 11 PM EDT.

Topics include: how the Future Magic project got started, the name itself, the problematic genre title "future bass," soundcloud collabs, the importance of humanity and life in electronic music, working with vocalists and producers from afar, his desires for the future, the role of albums in the internet age, whether there truly is an EDM bubble, the stigma of "EDM," the important of a personal aesthetic for DJs, the role of social media, and what's next in terms of releases and shows. FOLLOW FUTURE MAGIC: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bump In The Hump: March 29 (Season 5, Episode 23)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Smalltown DJs & Neon Steve - Let The Record Work

Two weeks ago we had Smalltown DJs shower us with some sublime nostalgia through their 80s credit roll-esque track "Erased The Night." This week they're back on Bump In The Hump with fellow Canadian Neon Steve. "Let The Record Work" sees a return to their deeper tech house style, and I'll be using it to get in the groove early tonight kicking off this high octane episode of new music on Radio Humber. Stream the track below, the B-side "AFN," and pick up both via Psycho Disco!, here. Along with Smalltown DJs and Neon Steve, I've got more house from the likes of Loud Luxury, DLMT, and Marco Marz, plus an onslaught off naughty bass tracks from INF1N1TE, Dr. Ozi, Rene LaVice and Thugli. Finally we'll wrap up the episode with a snippet of my massive interview with Future Magic ahead of his set for My Mixtape. Catch his mix Friday at 11 PM EDT on Radio Humber, and Bump In The Hump live tonight from 6-7, here.


Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Charli XCX - ILY2 (Euphoria Edit)

Recently we saw Charli XCX perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live! with producer AG Cook lying motionless on stage (watch "Bounce" and "After The Afterparty"), and while it was cool to see those two on such a massive platform, it was missing a little something for me. Turns out it was missing Danny L Harle. The founding member of PC Music, has just remixed "ILY2" from Charli's Number 1 Angel mixtape. This new version, dubbed the Euphoria Edit, nails just what I love about both Harle productions and PC Music as a whole. It's incredibly bright, utterly alluring and oh so enchanting. While the original holds the keys to the car as it were, Harle's skill takes it from a Sunday drive to a trip around the Talladega Superspeedway. And while I absolutely love the super shiny, reach for the sky vibes, that's not all that euphoria and this edit are. The cherry on top comes in the second half as Harle sends us celestial revelers plummeting down to earth with a domineering get down (approx 1:29), proving euphoria isn't pure idealism but pragmatic power, connecting us to the reality of our earthbound existence.Get Danny L Harle's Euphoria Edit absolutely free, here.


Monday, March 27, 2017

5 Must Have Sets from Ultra Miami 2017

Every year the world of electronic music gathers in Miami to celebrate and showcase the latest and greatest. This year was no different seeing massive performances from countless DJs, producers, hype men and everything in between. There were multiple curated stages from the tech driven Resistance Spider stage to ASOT, and of course the uber eclectic mainstage dubbed "Worldwide." And while there were several standout sets, I've decided to focus on a few I feel deserve the most praise. So here we go with my favourites, in no particular order. Also note some are just audio while others have video too.

DJ Snake
Why not start at the end with DJ Snake's closing set. The "Bird Machine" man has quickly become one of the most powerful players on the scene bringing France firmly back into the forefront. His genre bending and taste-making are on full display with guests Lil Jon, Future & G4SHI joining him on stage. Download the mix here, and get tracklist here.

Stephan Bodzin
My favourite set for many reasons: 1) the Spider stage setup 2) the way Bodzin builds the tracks with his unique live setup 3) the almost 100% Bodzin tracklist (apart from 2 IDs everything is his own). It's really had to quantify not just how good it sounds, but how cool the whole thing is. Incredible.

Fresh off their album Woman and ready to tour Justice, too, closed out Miami like their French brother, DJ Snake. But these two sets couldn't be any more different. Of course Justice is live, but their music too hits a more retro feeling whereas Snake is about being new and cool. Justice just are, and whether you're a fan of their gritty electro stuff or their more vocal driven, new work you'll enjoy their set.

Arty as Alpha 9
Back with trance and where else better to do it but Armin's A State of Trance stage. Another rebirth of sorts, which seems to be a bit of trend lately. It's been 10 years since "EDM" arguably broke through and with that veterans of the scene have had the chance to alter their career arc more than once. Lots of people remarked that they were happy to see Arty back with ASOT, and you can tell why with a set like this. Download it here, and get tracklist here.

OWSLA All-Stars (Jauz, Ghastly, Cesqeaux & Mija)
One of the world most popular labels, and some of their fastest rising stars came together for 40 minutes of rapid fire bass, trap, dubstep and everything in between. As I said above the main/worldwide stage was eclectic and there's no better indication of this than the tracklist these 4 put together, from 4B to Ginuwine to Kayzo and RIOT to Future in the first 4 minutes. It's hard to argue that genre-denying sets like this aren't the way of the future. More and more I'm hearing DJs do whatever they want, not worrying about smooth transitions, but blowing people's minds with track selection. Download the mix here, and get tracklist here.

I wanted to include Above & Beyond's set but it's been removed across the internet so I had to do without. If you find it please share and enjoy. Otherwise, enjoy the sets above and keep your ears/eyes open for more to be posted in the next week or so. EDIT (March 28): they've uploaded it to their youtube, so here it is in full 4K for your listening and viewing pleasure.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Deffie - Outrun

Los Angeles based producer Deffie may just have the latest dance craze on his hands, with his track "Outrun" encouraging listeners to "do that Lucy Liu." And while there's no further indication what such a dance might look like, we're forced to invent our own based on what Deffie's laid out. It seems as though it's got to involve some stomping and posturing, as "Outrun" oozes with intensity and grit, while remaining cool in the face of technological terror. But that's the beauty of this track, it doesn't need to explicitly tell you "put your hands up" or "jump now" to give direction on how to properly dance to it. "Outrun" is so full of life it inspires movement without demanding it. Its musical depths command the core of the listener, bumping the bass, nodding at its nastiness. Enjoy "Outrun" below by doing your own Lucy Liu, and be sure to check out Deffie's socials to find out when this drops. FOLLOW DEFFIE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Mixtape featuring Staccato

  1. Staccato - My Way
  2. Staccato - The Next Step
  3. Aquagen - Party Alarm (Staccato Vocal Bootleg)
  4. Staccato - 506
  5. M!nks & Unknown Identity - Caution (Staccato Remix)
  6. Sam Jurgens - Let Us Observe The Effects (Staccato Remix)
  7. Hovercraft - Wink (Staccato Remix)
  8. Staccato - My Techno Epiphany
  9. Staccato - I Got Nuthin Yet
  10. Staccato - Alter Ego
  11. Mikey Palermo - IDosing (Staccato Remix)
  12. Pleasurekraft - Tarantula (Staccato Late Nite Edit)

Friday, March 24, 2017

Nuvaman & Gallah - Molotov

I've been following Grime relatively closely on this blog, or at least its growth in popularity and reach. This rise comes as no surprise when there's quality tracks like Nuvaman & Gallah's "Molotov" being produced with more regularity than ever before. In fact I'd expect more as Google Trends now indicates that we hit peak Grime saturation just last month (see here). It certainly seems that Skepta, Stormzy, Wiley and others have broken down the barriers, so much so that not just vocal Grime tracks are popular, but instrumentals are becoming more standard too. I cannot say how happy this makes me to be able to hear new, quality Grime like this so often.

It's no wonder Nuvaman and Gallah are both from the UK, as the Grime instincts seem to run deep, pulsing through their veins. And as with all good Grime tracks, there's some ominous, creeping fear harvested throughout. These two nail that horror element perfectly.  The percussion is so on point crackling like leaves underfoot, building on the atmosphere already established with squawking crows. But then there's the strings that, ever present in Grime, overwhelm with unease. And it's that disquiet that makes your throbbing heart beat match with the wobbling bass. If that doesn't get you going, you may already be dead. Grab "Molotov" now from Pitch Rider Records' Inside The Ride Vol. 1, here.FOLLOW GALLAH: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Full, uncut interview with Staccato

As you may have heard on Bump In The Hump, I spoke with Staccato Tuesday morning and we chatted, among other things, about his forthcoming set for My Mixtape. That episode is set to air special, this Saturday at 11 PM EDT, on Radio Humber, and you won't want to miss it because it's made up 100% of Staccato productions. In the meantime enjoy my uncut, 16 minute conversation with him below.

Topics include: his passion for dark techno and its storytelling, the start of the Staccato project, his finely tuned, trial and error process of sound design, and his what's in store for the future, which includes a number releases in the coming months, some of which are included in the mix.


Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dazzo - Don't Tell Anyone

Brazilian producer Dazzo just released a 1 year old track "Don't Tell Anyone," but the secret's now out on just how good it is. One: it's an absolute stomper, its throbbing groove starts strong and only grows. Two: the retro style synths are designed so brilliantly, building bass so massive it creates its own gravity. Three: the almost glitchy progression as the equipment crackles along gives "Don't Tell Anyone" a life beyond the sparse vocal sprinklings. Dazzo truly has succeeded in making track that demands movement, merciless over it domination of the dancefloor. Even though it may be a year old, it seems to fit into the deep groovy, bass house type stuff I'm digging at the moment. Life roars out of it, smashing itself into existence. And there's nothing better in electronic music than making real, organic energy.Come alive and get your copy of "Don't Tell Anyone" free via the Artist Union, here.


Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Bump In The Hump: March 22 (Season 5, Episode 22)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Honey Beard - Dreamless Sleep

Last week I had the pleasure to play Honey Beard's sensational single "Celestial Bodies" from their debut album Dreamless Sleep. In honour its release this past Friday, I've got another track cue'd up and ready to go tonight on Bump In The Hump, but you'll have to tune in to find out which one makes the cut. Stream the album below, purchase it here, and catch their Album Launch Party, this Saturday at Junction City Music Hall. They'll be playing two sets, Dreamless Sleep from start to finish, followed by a DJ set, and a premiere screening of their latest music video.
Also on tonight's all new episode of Bump In The Hump, I've got a flurry of first plays from artists across the country, yet another new remix from Future Magic, another club cut from Sleepycatt, a funky fire-starter from CYMN, and two absolutely evil productions from locals Krayysh and Casso. Finally we look forward to this week's special Saturday episode of My Mixtape with my conversation with Staccato. Catch it all live on Radio Humber from 6-7 PM EDT here.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

King Monday - Ruff Sleeper

London's King Monday takes us to the streets, by way of the garage, with this breakbeat track "Ruff Sleeper." Out now on BonFire Records, the lead single from Monday's debut EP 78, has a real life feel. While "Ruff Sleeper" is relatively minimal in its layers, almost so much that it could be reproduced live, each element is played with strength and personality. From the various string tones, guitar and otherwise, to the countless keyboard sounds, the whole track is filled with feeling and beaming with life. I cannot help but imagine a seemingly quiet street as "Ruff Sleeper" begins, only to later realize the subtle bits of life throughout the damp alley. As the track rolls along, more of the details come to eye as the beauty seems to breakthrough the bleak, grey backdrop. It is free in its flow, unhindered by classic conventions. The groove it lays out is genius, emoting so much in a ridiculously refined, calculated way.Get "Ruff Sleeper" for yourself, free via The Artist Union, here.


Monday, March 20, 2017

Pink Fluid - Back

Italian duo Pink Fluid have unleashed a groovy throwback grinder with their latest on Puregold Records. "Back" is a superb slice of old school electro house, built around dollops of deep bass in the drops, all recast in a fresh light. The bass synth has that bonking sound to it, and the low end, sub-woofer is absolutely engulfing - both classic features. "Back" reminds me of Jack Beats, in the tossing and turning power of the bass and the over all polish of each element. I consider Jack Beats on the top of the list, when it comes to quality of sound design. That too is what makes the godly get-down that is "Back," not just a big banger, but a finely crafted 5 star production. Pink Fluid are able to immediately establish a setting and bring it to roaring digital life. I have no doubt "Back" would get a great response in a set, as it's familiar enough to easily grasp, but fresh enough to excite. Download it free via EDM Lead here. FOLLOW PINK FLUID: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Anckarstrom - Staden (Klahr Edit)

Appearing online yesterday morning, a new account Anckarstrom released it's first track a Klahr edit of "Staden." This one is fairly mysterious and admittedly took me some time to put all the pieces together. The account's bio has only "Me and my little side project and a new beginning." It didn't take long for me to figure out that Anckarstrom is Swedish producer, Simon Garcés' new moniker, but who was responsible for the original "Staden." Technically it is one of Garcés' first productions, but it remained unfinished, after it was lost along with his computer. It was eventually given to fellow Swede, Klahr to try to retool and finish. The final result is a interesting one, straddling the line between a throwback techno/trance track and a fantastically fresh, and forward-thinking production.

I've already written about Klahr, even having included his remix of Drake's "9" in my list of the top 100 tracks of 2016 (here). And what made that remix so successful can be seen here too. It's epic in its span and magnitude, soaring beautifully, bridging the unfinished demo that Simon Garcés first laid out. It's cinematic in its movement and atmosphere, reminding me of Pryda. And while some make take that as overly high praise, I really think Klahr is a remarkably capable producer, and that Garcés' original falls in that same vein.

I'm really interested to hear what Simon Garcés does with this new Anckarstrom project, especially considering this is essentially an old production. Will he try to recreate those early sounds and styles or go a completely different route? Regardless, "Staden" is a strong introductory track, teased beautifully by being made available for download entirely free via dropbox here. FOLLOW ANCKARSTROM (SIMON GARCÉS): FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Saturday, March 18, 2017

GER3TO & Avihay Avraham - Naboosia

Two of Jerusalem's youngest producers have combined to create a future bass track built around Middle Eastern instrumentation. "Naboosia" by GER3TO and Avihay Avraham is as hot as the desert. Lead by scorching synths and built around sounds most frequently found in the culture at the cradle of civilization, it paints an incredible picture. While it's bouncy and boisterous, invoking the image of conflict or turmoil, the way the two producers bring together the vocal elements with the stomping bass, "Naboosia" feels more a sacred dance. In fact I can't help but picture the dance circle video that was going around a couple years ago (best one here). What GER3TO and Avihay Avraham have been able to do here is a big reason why I love electronic music so much. It's not just about breaking boundaries, but ignoring them all together. "Naboosia" does just that, it's free form and essentially impossible to pin down. In the end it's just a good dance party track, full of imagery and feeling. Download it free via The Artist Union, here.


Friday, March 17, 2017

My Mixtape featuring Audiation

  1. Rezz x Raito - Alien
  2. Botnek - Touch Me
  3. Rezz - Matrix
  4. Rezz - Selector
  5. Adventure Club - Reaction (ft. Leah Culver)
  6. Omar LinX - Red Light Green Light (Zeds Dead Remix)
  7. Zeds Dead x Diplo ft. Elliphant - Blame (Gorgon City Remix)
  8. Hunter Siegel x Wax Motif - All Night Man
  9. CastNowski - Down Under (Audiation Remix)
  10. Hunter Siegel - Still Waiting (ft. Delaney Jane)
  11. Ookay - Thief (Botnek Remix)
  12. Audiation - Wild
  13. Black Tiger Sex Machine x Dabin - Break (Axel Boy Remix)
  14. Snails x Botnek - Happy Hour
  15. Style Of Eye - Louder (Botnek's Weirder Remix)
  16. Black Tiger Sex Machine - Hell Motel
  17. Michael Sparks - Ja Rasta
  18. Sikdope - Snakes (Michael Sparks Flip)
  19. Black Tiger Sex Machine x Kai Wachi - Survivor (ft. Face-T)
  20. Audiation - Tentative De Meurtre
  21. Michael Sparks x Breaux - OG Boi
  22. Zomboy - Dip It (Dr. Ozi Remix)
  23. Krimer - Die
  24. Dr. Ozi - Always You
  25. Festivillainz - Johnny Cage (Audiation Bootleg)
  26. Snails x Pegboard Nerds - Deep In The Night (Dion Timmer Remix)
  27. Excision, Datsik x Dion Timmer - Harambe
  28. Excision x Dion Timmer - Her
  29. Adventure Club ft. Sara Diamond - Firestorm (Bailo Remix)
  30. Black Tiger Sex Machine x Lektrique - Armada
  31. Apashe - Take Off (ft. Cherry Lena)
  32. Audiation - Shocking Facts VIP
  33. Datsik x 12th Planet - Party In The Sewer (ft. Elan)
  34. Dr. Ozi x Stabby - Command Excecution
  35. Banvox vs Datsik - Puttin In Work vs Just Saiyan (Audiation Mashup)
  36. Excision x Dion Timmer - Africa VIP
  37. Adventure Club - Ghosts

Callie Reiff - Stimulate

Teenage wonder Callie Reiff just dropped an exhilarating original production called "Stimulate." It shouldn't matter how old a producer is, but Callie is remarkable in so many ways. There's the obvious rare talent at such an young age, but it's not just raw talent, as "Stimulate" shows she's capable of sharply designed productions. Each sound is finely crafted and flows beautifully throughout the diverse story of the track. I dare not even try to define the genres Reiff touches in "Stimulate" as its assortment of delivery will likely leave people in argument.  Yet another remarkable trait she possesses, inherent in youth, is progress and evolution. She quite literally is the future, and I'd argue she gives us an incredible look at it with "Stimulate." If this is the future of music, it's one I'm looking forward to.
Especially if that future is free, get the track via ToneDen, here.


Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bump In The Hump: March 15 (Season 5, Episode 21)


Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Jacques Greene - To Say

This past Friday Jacques Greene released his much anticipated album Feel Infinite on LuckyMe Records. The veteran DJ and producer is no stranger to incredible original productions, with tracks like "These Days" garnering strong support from Annie Mac and others. And while he's been relatively quiet release-wise, it's almost assuredly a result of an intense focus on Feel Infinite. A focus that shines bright throughout the cohesive and emotive album, as each track has been clearly polished beyond compare, playing its role perfectly in the opus that is Feel Infinite. While you can call his tracks house, I find it hard to accept it as just that. Ever since I first heard, the Will Ferrell from Old School aided track, "I Like You" I've had a hard time quantifying Greene's releases. They are quite simply quality, thoughtful and supremely designed electronic productions. Just damn good music, regardless of genre.After having already heard both "You Can't Deny" and "Afterglow" on Bump In The Hump, it's my pleasure to be able to play yet another cut from Feel Infinite tonight, "To Say." You can also see Jacques Greene as he returns home to Toronto at the tail end of his tour, April 15th at Velvet Underground (RSVP and Tickets). "To Say" isn't the only Friday release that gets a spin on Bump In The Hump tonight, I've also got a track from BADLQQK's RQQKIES 2. Nor is Feel Infinite the only new album represented, as I've got a track from Honey Beard's debut Dreamless Sleep, out this Friday. Finally we enjoy an onslaught of house from Cosella, Smalltown DJs, Pat Lok and birthday boy Frustra, who is playing tonight at Edenhall and Saturday at The Beaver. Hear all this and more live on Radio Humber from 6-7 PM EDT, here.


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Stayleave - Missed Calls

Nicaraguan native and fresh Floridian, Stayleave just unleashed a tickling track called "Missed Calls." Genre tagged "Future Pop," he's combined a touch of tropical, with chill trap and future bass to create a truly listener friendly track. His production shines strong right from the get go, setting the scene with a scintillating combination of synths and vocals chops. Once we're welcomed by the caressing calls, everything gets stripped back while only Stayleave's vocals remain, standing alone above the piano.

And this is the important bit, as the lyrics lay out, we're urged to be alright when we're alone. In this internet age, we are at once alone and connected like never before. It just takes one look at our phones to connect with the world, but in doing so we lose our spacial presence, we exit our zone. That's what Stayleave is getting at. I'm sure he had a bunch of missed calls waiting for him while he was working on this track. And it certainly seems like he was in the zone putting this one together. It moves along so evenly, each element working together in perfect unison. It's the kind of track that could and should be rinsed out like crazy on the radio, both beautiful and bouncy in its poppy delivery. FOLLOW STAYLEAVE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Monday, March 13, 2017

Papa Roach - Last Resort (DJ Spider & Horsemen Remix)

There aren't many tracks as iconic, or meme friendly for that matter, as Papa Roach's 2000 hit "Last Resort." Today, LA based producers, DJ Spider and Horsemen teamed up to give it what they've dubbed an "EmoTwerk" remix. Both have extensive remixing experience that can be clearly felt throughout this new version. Right from the start, the iconic riffs of Roach take us back to Y2K, but they aren't just cut and paste, their bolstered with twerk synths designs. Somewhat surprisingly the nu- and rap-metal vibes of the original work tremendously well with the newly infused twerk stylings, although this isn't the first time that connection has been noted.

Just last week Max Mertens of Thump authored a feature called "How Today's Club Music is Influenced by Alt-Rock and Nu-Metal." In the article he posits that "it's all about the dopamine rush of hearing familiar songs in a new context," and I agree that this is the crux of our enjoyment of these re-purposed tracks of yore. There has to be some leveragable nostalgia, but it's also got to be repackaged in a gripping or challenging way. And it is my assertion that DJ Spider and Horsemen have done just that.

The original remains intact enough, but as I said above, it's amplified and rebuilt in their particular twerk style. However they've not just followed a cookie cutter pattern, nor inserted a simple twerk drop. It's the way they take on Jacoby Shaddix's vocals and the main guitar riff in the diverse drops that makes this such a successful remix. I full expect it to garner jaw-dropping and all around ecstasy inducing reactions when it gets dropped in club sets. It's incredibly well thought out and put together, and just the kind of remix I can get behind, especially since I rinsed out this track as a young teenager in Muskoka. Get your copy of the remix free from ToneDen, here.


Sunday, March 12, 2017

Michael Jackson - Working Day & Night (Barry & Gibbs Edit)

Over the last month or so I've been digging back through some classic disco edits, and I feel like its almost spoiled me for the darker side of music. I find I'm constantly craving the dope of disco grooves and funky fat beats. So it should come as no surprise that this edit from Barry & Gibbs really got me going. Of course whenever you're working with the King of Pop you've got a great foundation, and boy did Barry & Gibbs take advantage of that.

"Working Day & Night" is already a strong start, growing out of Jackson's budding friendship with Quincy Jones. But it's the drawn out, dance all day and night, groove that makes this such a sublime edit. Barry & Gibbs get down and dirty filling up the funk quota almost immediately, then proceed to bring in all the elements that made the original so satisfying. Heavenly horns, fluttering guitar riffs, and the kind of percussion that calls for clapping along, this edit brings it all together and packages it perfectly around the King. Even their use of Michael's unique vocal style succeeds in every way, as though this were as it was originally intended. I know that may be seen as blasphemous, comparing it to the original, but damn, I can't say enough about how well this edit has been constructed. Play it on repeat so you too can work all day and night, and grab the free download from hypeddit, here. FOLLOW BARRY & GIBBS: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Sébastien Léger - Clouds EP

As usual I was scrolling through my soundcloud feed, but especially compared to yesterday I couldn't find anything that turned my crank. It just seemed to be an endless sea of blah, overflowing with artists I either don't know or don't care about. That was until I came across truly one of my favourite artists, from both a DJing and production perspective, Parisian powerhouse Sébastien Léger. The man always works with awesome analog sounds, crafting some of the most creative and original pieces of music I've ever come across. His list of credits is seemingly endless from ridiculously good remixes to jaw-dropping originals. That list is about to grow a little bit longer as his four track Clouds EP is set to be released, this coming Friday the 17th on Marc Romboy's Systematic Recordings.

Note: These are only snippets, and in a playlist I put together, therefore unofficial. Because these are snippets, it takes no time at all to find yourself firmly ensconced in the groove Sébastien Léger has laid out. In fact the first track "Nostalgia," gets right into business screaming Séb's production style. It's incredibly well designed and so full of progression and movement. No note is left unpolished or unaccounted for; each placed with such precision. "Nostalgia" more than the following tracks has a warm, easy feel. A kind of musical hammock swinging gently in the breeze.

"Brainwasher" on the other hand comes at you much more intensely. Directed more towards the club, it's still lead by some sneakily groovy percussion, while the steely synth lead torches all it comes into contact with. This one may be the best example of how seamlessly Séb invokes movement and progression. Especially with a track of this magnitude, he's able to dance around as nimbly as a sprite.

The title track "Clouds" again sees a distinct production, while still falling firmly in the legion of Léger. Like the other tracks it too is named perfectly, as each evokes its titular image brilliantly. However these clouds aren't all air, they've got some substance with a touch of turbulence brewing. It's floaty, soaring at incredible heights, making it easy to drift away in a sonic euphoria.

Finally the EP comes to a close with its most emotional and touching track, "Tears." Like the others before it, it's lofty in its high soaring arc, but it's the little blips and fills that make it such a sensational production. Imagine lying perfectly still in a dark room while listening to this on a good pair of headphones. There's no way it wouldn't trigger numerous emotions. It strikes me as innately aware of our humanity, able to play as like a fiddle. And that's the true magic of Sébastien Léger, he is so in tune with the technology he uses, it ceases to be a mere tool but an extension of himself. I for one am extremely excited to hear each track in full, and the EP as one collective piece, upon its release.


Friday, March 10, 2017

My Mixtape featuring PRZM

  1. Vincent - No Mercy
  2. CCIV & PRZM - Mindmelt
  3. MAKJ - Generic (PRZM Flip)
  4. Future Magic x PRZM - Leave (ft. Madison Boychuk)
  5. Festivillainz - Propane (ft. Divinorum)
  6. Nah Mean - Bout Chu
  7. Brillz & LAXX ft. Gangsta Boo - Buck (Lambo & Doobious Remix)
  8. Wiwek - Riot (Sevla & GRMN Remix)
  9. Zomboy - Invaders (Deadlink's OG VIP)
  10. Lukav x JuLo - Shuriken
  11. CCIV & Sofocle - Candyflip
  12. Future Magic x E-VO - Here (ft. Ellevan)
  13. Pavlo - Thief (INF1N1TE & Konus Remix)
  14. Future Magic x Jilbare x PRZM - Lawless
  15. PRZM & Kardoso - Goa
  16. Lampa - Wings
  17. Kaskade - Disarm You (Fahjah Remix)
  18. Neilsan - Even If We're Lost

Top 13 for Friday March 10th

Artwork for Juke Ellington - Sexual Healing by Uncle Reezy
Fridays explode with great new music and today is no different. So in the interest of showing off as much of that new stuff as possible, in the most compact way, I put together a playlist of the best tracks that came across my soundcloud feed. No genre barriers just good music. Many free downloads too.

Note: I didn't include any of the BADLQQK RQQKIES release because I've already covered it on Discobelle, nor did I include Grandtheft and Sam Spiegel's remix of The Weeknd, because it's not available for stream, but my pal Colin covered it over on FUXWITHIT if you want to check it out there. Jilbare x Future Magic - Fire (ft. Izzy Salinel)*
Third release from Future Magic in a week and a half. Another sensational production, playing beautifully with vocals, getting all emotional with wicked future bass synths, and those drum fills. Wow.

Gumball - Color Coded*
My kind of adventurous blend of future bass with other seemingly conflicting subgenres. Big triumphant arcs, perfectly placed effects and sublime vocal work. Super smart production.

Kehlani - Gangsta (Parker Remix)
Beautiful bed for Kehlani's vocals that's at once heartening while also ominous in its delivery. Doesn't seem to be any slowing this one down. Good strong G vibes working with the lyrics brilliantly.

AC Slater & Taiki Nulight - Super Doopah Legend
Another stellar, shot-in-the-arm kind of track from Night Bass boss AC Slater. There's no knowing what this track is doing or where its going. Twisty-turny and full of surprises.

Stooki Sound ft. Latroit & Lliam Taylor - Echos (R3LL Remix)
Gotta have me some jersey club for my weekend, and not many do it as well as R3LL. Full of feels but also bouncy as all hell. Plenty of pump up in this one.

Alison Wonderland & Lido - Messiah (Havok Roth & Kayoh Remix)*
First I need to say that Lido's mix is another instant classic, and early choice for remix of the year. That being said this remix is stupid good. Like five minutes of soaring fire. GOLD!

JayKode - Roll Out
Even though you can feel the bass coming right from the get go, there's no being prepared for the waves of tweaking electro that lies ahead. Add a little ivory tickling & you've got one bad-ass banger.

LigOne x Holly - Lazy Social*
Somehow this one snuck into the my feed despite being 4 months old. But it's LigOne and Holly so it's damn good. Oozes with originality as expected. A little laidback, but groovy as all hell.

Dex - Images (edit)*
Ridiculously wicked and wild Tchami-like sound design. Haven't heard house done like this in a while, and its got everything I want. Groove, piano, vocals and a menacing bassline. Love it.

Juke Ellington - Sexual Healing*
Vocals, drums and energy all so on point. Even with the onslaught of future bass at the moment, this one still sounds fresh as anything. A beautiful banger, no doubt.

Jetique - Love On My Mind (ft. Terri B!)
Lead by beautiful vocals, this is deep house at its best. Instantly commands your attention, delivering a divine groove, demanding you dance. Transforms all listening spaces into the coolest of clubs.

Anamanaguchi ft. Hatsune Miku - Miku (Carpainter Remix)*
Pure pleasure pop. Couldn't be any more bubbly or brilliant. Feels like you're floating in an 8-bit version of outer space, soaring above all cares and worries. Unapologetic easy listening.

Childish Gambino - Do Ya Like (Mark Melgo Remix)*
Warm weather is right around the corner and I'm looking forward to listening to more music like this, rounding out all day dance sessions, spinning in the summer breeze. Good vibes all around.

* indicates that track available for free download

Thursday, March 09, 2017

Full, Uncut Interview with PRZM

I spoke with PRZM this past Monday ahead of his set for My Mixtape, Friday March 10th at 11 PM EST.

We chatted for quite some time and I felt that there was some cool stuff in there that didn't make the cut in the fine tuned edit that aired yesterday on Bump In The Hump. So here's the full interview entirely uncut (digital interference and all) for your listening pleasure. Topics include: his self described "late start" onto the scene, his genre bending between trap and dubstep, his frequent collaborations particularly with CCIV and Future Magic, the explosion of artists from Winnipeg, his recent set in Israel, what's next for him production and DJ-wise, and of course his set for My Mixtape.