Sunday, May 21, 2017

Mabiisi - Pagba (Swing Ting Remix)

Music, especially of the electronic variety, always has a mysterious foreign feeling, which for me is part of its appeal. Anything that's too familiar is boring. Although it's not that simple, I'm always looking for something new and intriguing. While I've been surrounded by music from an early age, the concept of most was very formulaic, but since electronic music exploded at the same time as the internet those rules were shattered along with their boundaries. Suddenly I was able to consume all kinds of ideas and sounds, from the world over. While lyrical content is nice and is often thought-provoking (see Pink Floyd, still my favourite band of all time), it isn't necessary for me to derive enjoyment. In fact one of the more foundational bands in my life has been Rammstein, whose lyrics I never understood. This is all to say that there's something underlying (a magic if you will) in good music that speaks to you on a more fundamental, essential level.

This is why I enjoy Swing Ting's remix of Mabiisi "Pagba." It's entirely foreign to me. I have no idea what the lyrics are about, but that doesn't and shouldn't matter. The two vocalists play off each other extremely well, as do they with the musical production. It reminds me of Sean Paul, whose lyrics are notoriously misunderstood, but still widely enjoyed. Like Sean Paul, the vocals here are delivered with incredible rhythm and allure; the energy of which is impossible to avoid. While the original version can still boast this playful vocal delivery, Swing Ting's reconstruction does a brilliant job in combining the African influences with a more typical electronic construction. This bridging is exactly what inspires me to start each day by looking for new music that expands my musical tastes. Enjoy "Pagba" below. FOLLOW SWING TING: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER