Monday, May 22, 2017

DJ Sinclair - Bells (RPG Mix)

As soon as I heard the first line of DJ Sinclair's RPG Mix of "Bells" I knew it was something I could jive with. It's poppy enough to feel fun and go over easy, but it's also complex enough to keep it from getting stale too quickly. I'm reminded of MssingNo's style with the massive bass sweeps and steady manipulation of the lead line (ironically, his remix of Cashmere Cat leads the mix that follows "Bells" in the related track section). While obviously the sound design and progression is on point, the little bird chirp punctuations and atmospheric crowd vocal samples are what make this more than just a brilliant beat, and a true touch of genius. Slithering like a snake into your ear holes, there's no avoiding the sonic brilliance that DJ Sinclair has crafted. Stream below or buy it via Different Circles, here. FOLLOW DJ SINCLAIR: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER