Monday, May 08, 2017

Fan Fiction - when angels s1ng

My cat is running around like a lunatic today, but that may be a result of my repeated play of Fan Fiction's latest release. Dropped just after midnight last night as a part of NITE CORP.'s 13 track LIGHT release, Fan Fiction took on Donae'o and his track with Terri Walker "When Angels Sing."

When you're talking NXC there's very few, if any, that rival Fan Fiction, and this is just the latest example. Obviously this is a tremendous original track (my favourite from Donae'o), but the way it gets transformed here is genius. It's fast and fluttery as with any NXC track, but it's not overwrought. Fan Fiction does a brilliant job maintaining the delicate overture of the original. It remains refined while boosting the energy, like a shot of adrenaline to the heart. It may be my favourite on LIGHT, but there's a few more fire flips, including Machinedrum's "Angel Speak" and Hellberg's "The Girl," all of which are available absolutely free. Add some NITE CORP. to your day and feel a fire lit under you feet. FOLLOW FAN FICTION: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER