Friday, May 19, 2017

Skepper - Paint It Black

Trap tempter Skepper just reuploaded his take on classic Rolling Stones track "Paint It Black." While the name obviously implies dark, nefarious and evil activities, Skepper delivers imminent and utter doom. It cries out as criminally corrupt in an almost orchestral arc of obfuscation. Its ominous intensity works exceptionally well as David Fincher's Se7en plays in the background as I write this. The darkness and brutality Skepper's imbued "Paint It Black" with plays perfectly with the only remaining and titular lyric. The theme is simple yet executed with extreme precision; there is no escaping the all black everything of Skepper's sanctum. Download the darkness for free via the Artist Union, here. FOLLOW SKEPPER: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER