Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Jay Z - PSA (Marco Marz Bootleg)

As teased in interviewMarco Marz released his Jay-Z "Public Service Announcement" bootleg this Monday. Obviously the promise of working with Hova's flows is appealing in itself, but it's the perfect fit with Marco's G-House style. He absolutely nails the retro vibes, building a thorough bass thump and simple yet precise percussion that plays perfectly with the piano. To top it all off, the spinbacks and other effects give the 2003 track a final polish. D/L it free & catch it tonight on Bump In The Hump. Marco Marz is surrounded by more thumping house, including BADLQQK brothers RYME, as well as Tiga, Smalltown DJs, Jerome Robins, and Kavi Indatissa with a remix of "In Da Club." There's also some hard stuff with Simtem, Nati, and an exclusive premiere from Audiation. We finish off with the feels from Future Magic, Fahjah and Yang. Tune in live tonight from 6-7 PM EDT on Radio Humber, and find all episodes cataloged here.