Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Bump In The Hump Season Six Premiere

Bump In The Hump is back on Radio Humber's main feed, 96.9 FM, for good starting tonight with the season six premiere. As always the focus remains on the newest releases from across the country, regardless of genre. Join me in discovering what our Canadian producers have cooked up every Wednesday. Stay tuned for more new interviews and guest mixes on My Mixtape, Fridays at 11 PM.

As a sneak peek at this week's episode I've got the new intro that'll be kicking off each hour. As usual the first minute is comprised of some of my favourite cuts from last season. This time it includes: Ramzoid, CastNowski, Botnek, Autoerotique and Kastra's remix of Nelly Furtado. Stream below.As always the tracklist, with links to each track, can be found on this blog, posted as the episode goes live at 6 PM EDT. For streaming after the fact, each episode is posted to mixcloud by the next day.

Stream live direct here or through

I've always had my choice of quality tracks to play on Bump In The Hump, but the trend of me having to cut some out each week continues. I really do agree that we're in a golden age of music (Colin's take on FUXWITHIT convinced me), and I think this show is the perfect example of that. It is always a mix of the biggest names, garnering millions of plays, and bedroom artists, just making beats. Electronic music is the most flexible medium, allowing magic to arise in infinite ways.

This week is no different. It's the first episode of the month, and CRaymak has been at it again; as has Attlas. Michael Sparks and LOUDPVCK hooked up over the phone. Blu J graced Deadbeats. Fahjah flipped a classic. Again on Bump In The Hump, we also get new Internet Daughter and Noahplause. You won't want to miss these dope tracks or the others I've saved for next week!