Thursday, March 30, 2017

Full, uncut interview with Future Magic

Monday I had the pleasure of speaking with Future Magic in the Radio Humber studios. And although I've had some really informative and entertaining interviews on Bump In The Hump before, this one takes the cake. We chatted for nearly two hours, most of which was recorded and can be found below. Enjoy the entirely uncut, nearly 80 minutes worth of our conversation before his jam packed hour-long set for My Mixtape, which hits the airwaves tomorrow night, March 31st at 11 PM EDT.

Topics include: how the Future Magic project got started, the name itself, the problematic genre title "future bass," soundcloud collabs, the importance of humanity and life in electronic music, working with vocalists and producers from afar, his desires for the future, the role of albums in the internet age, whether there truly is an EDM bubble, the stigma of "EDM," the important of a personal aesthetic for DJs, the role of social media, and what's next in terms of releases and shows. FOLLOW FUTURE MAGIC: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER