Friday, March 17, 2017

Callie Reiff - Stimulate

Teenage wonder Callie Reiff just dropped an exhilarating original production called "Stimulate." It shouldn't matter how old a producer is, but Callie is remarkable in so many ways. There's the obvious rare talent at such an young age, but it's not just raw talent, as "Stimulate" shows she's capable of sharply designed productions. Each sound is finely crafted and flows beautifully throughout the diverse story of the track. I dare not even try to define the genres Reiff touches in "Stimulate" as its assortment of delivery will likely leave people in argument.  Yet another remarkable trait she possesses, inherent in youth, is progress and evolution. She quite literally is the future, and I'd argue she gives us an incredible look at it with "Stimulate." If this is the future of music, it's one I'm looking forward to.
Especially if that future is free, get the track via ToneDen, here.