Friday, March 31, 2017

ayokay ft. Chelsea Cutler - The Shine

I don't know about you but I'm more than ready for any semblance of warm weather to arrive. It's been over a month since it was nice enough to go outside and play baseball. But we just keep hearing that "it's only a matter of time." At least that's what Chelsea Cutler sings on ayokay's latest release. "The Shine" furthers my desire for the summer to speed up its return. But at least right now I'm able to bask in its brilliance, making my dimly lit basement feel like a tropical paradise. I knew right from the get go with that this was a crazy cool production. Whatever the percussion is at the beginning caught my attention, and then Cutler's vocals proceeded to suck me in. But it's the further elements ayokay adds that truly cements this as a track I can really groove to. Although the lyric I noted above continues "it's only a matter of time til the shine wears off," I feel like its going to be a long time for me. FOLLOW AYOKAY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER