Monday, March 06, 2017

BLVRS & Torq - Mars (Back In 1983 Remode)

Italian collaborators BLVRS and Torq have taken their month old, hard-hitting house track "Mars" and reworked it into a groovy disco number. It's been recast in the lens of a 1983 neo-future landscape. Shining with real instrumentation it runs into the intersection of live, organic sounds with the usual automated precision of digitized house. With the funky bass standing strong as the backbone the rest of the instruments follow suit playing along with the groove, giving in to the anything goes ethos of disco. It could easily soundtrack a racing video game or anime. It's a fun, funky and carefree track that I'd be equally happy playing in my car or during my morning routine. Make it yours for free, here. FOLLOW BLVRS: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER