Monday, March 20, 2017

Pink Fluid - Back

Italian duo Pink Fluid have unleashed a groovy throwback grinder with their latest on Puregold Records. "Back" is a superb slice of old school electro house, built around dollops of deep bass in the drops, all recast in a fresh light. The bass synth has that bonking sound to it, and the low end, sub-woofer is absolutely engulfing - both classic features. "Back" reminds me of Jack Beats, in the tossing and turning power of the bass and the over all polish of each element. I consider Jack Beats on the top of the list, when it comes to quality of sound design. That too is what makes the godly get-down that is "Back," not just a big banger, but a finely crafted 5 star production. Pink Fluid are able to immediately establish a setting and bring it to roaring digital life. I have no doubt "Back" would get a great response in a set, as it's familiar enough to easily grasp, but fresh enough to excite. Download it free via EDM Lead here. FOLLOW PINK FLUID: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER