Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Stayleave - Missed Calls

Nicaraguan native and fresh Floridian, Stayleave just unleashed a tickling track called "Missed Calls." Genre tagged "Future Pop," he's combined a touch of tropical, with chill trap and future bass to create a truly listener friendly track. His production shines strong right from the get go, setting the scene with a scintillating combination of synths and vocals chops. Once we're welcomed by the caressing calls, everything gets stripped back while only Stayleave's vocals remain, standing alone above the piano.

And this is the important bit, as the lyrics lay out, we're urged to be alright when we're alone. In this internet age, we are at once alone and connected like never before. It just takes one look at our phones to connect with the world, but in doing so we lose our spacial presence, we exit our zone. That's what Stayleave is getting at. I'm sure he had a bunch of missed calls waiting for him while he was working on this track. And it certainly seems like he was in the zone putting this one together. It moves along so evenly, each element working together in perfect unison. It's the kind of track that could and should be rinsed out like crazy on the radio, both beautiful and bouncy in its poppy delivery. FOLLOW STAYLEAVE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER