Monday, March 27, 2017

5 Must Have Sets from Ultra Miami 2017

Every year the world of electronic music gathers in Miami to celebrate and showcase the latest and greatest. This year was no different seeing massive performances from countless DJs, producers, hype men and everything in between. There were multiple curated stages from the tech driven Resistance Spider stage to ASOT, and of course the uber eclectic mainstage dubbed "Worldwide." And while there were several standout sets, I've decided to focus on a few I feel deserve the most praise. So here we go with my favourites, in no particular order. Also note some are just audio while others have video too.

DJ Snake
Why not start at the end with DJ Snake's closing set. The "Bird Machine" man has quickly become one of the most powerful players on the scene bringing France firmly back into the forefront. His genre bending and taste-making are on full display with guests Lil Jon, Future & G4SHI joining him on stage. Download the mix here, and get tracklist here.

Stephan Bodzin
My favourite set for many reasons: 1) the Spider stage setup 2) the way Bodzin builds the tracks with his unique live setup 3) the almost 100% Bodzin tracklist (apart from 2 IDs everything is his own). It's really had to quantify not just how good it sounds, but how cool the whole thing is. Incredible.

Fresh off their album Woman and ready to tour Justice, too, closed out Miami like their French brother, DJ Snake. But these two sets couldn't be any more different. Of course Justice is live, but their music too hits a more retro feeling whereas Snake is about being new and cool. Justice just are, and whether you're a fan of their gritty electro stuff or their more vocal driven, new work you'll enjoy their set.

Arty as Alpha 9
Back with trance and where else better to do it but Armin's A State of Trance stage. Another rebirth of sorts, which seems to be a bit of trend lately. It's been 10 years since "EDM" arguably broke through and with that veterans of the scene have had the chance to alter their career arc more than once. Lots of people remarked that they were happy to see Arty back with ASOT, and you can tell why with a set like this. Download it here, and get tracklist here.

OWSLA All-Stars (Jauz, Ghastly, Cesqeaux & Mija)
One of the world most popular labels, and some of their fastest rising stars came together for 40 minutes of rapid fire bass, trap, dubstep and everything in between. As I said above the main/worldwide stage was eclectic and there's no better indication of this than the tracklist these 4 put together, from 4B to Ginuwine to Kayzo and RIOT to Future in the first 4 minutes. It's hard to argue that genre-denying sets like this aren't the way of the future. More and more I'm hearing DJs do whatever they want, not worrying about smooth transitions, but blowing people's minds with track selection. Download the mix here, and get tracklist here.

I wanted to include Above & Beyond's set but it's been removed across the internet so I had to do without. If you find it please share and enjoy. Otherwise, enjoy the sets above and keep your ears/eyes open for more to be posted in the next week or so. EDIT (March 28): they've uploaded it to their youtube, so here it is in full 4K for your listening and viewing pleasure.