Monday, October 31, 2016

Nasïnok - City of Light

Just about any genre or sub-genre with future in its title seems to speak to me. I've written at length about my love of future bass, but the same can be said about my feelings for future house. The most recent example being, Nasïnok's "City of Light." Released today on Eye To Eye Recordings, this bright, yet deep number is a gripping and incredibly fun track that makes me want to go to one of those trampoline parks. Despite its short two and half minute length (full version on iTunes is 4:09), it's packed to brim with movement, energy and progression. I'm a sucker for the sound design of the bouncy bass Nasïnok has crafted, as well as whatever those synths are, but what takes the cake in this track is that sort of spin-back, vocal rip. It's just hard and electro enough for my tastes, but still firmly situated in the house sphere. Head into the "City of Light" for yourself by purchasing it, here. If you want more future vibes, check out Dr. Fresch's new future ghetto remix of Destructo's "Techno."