Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Jacques Greene - To Say

This past Friday Jacques Greene released his much anticipated album Feel Infinite on LuckyMe Records. The veteran DJ and producer is no stranger to incredible original productions, with tracks like "These Days" garnering strong support from Annie Mac and others. And while he's been relatively quiet release-wise, it's almost assuredly a result of an intense focus on Feel Infinite. A focus that shines bright throughout the cohesive and emotive album, as each track has been clearly polished beyond compare, playing its role perfectly in the opus that is Feel Infinite. While you can call his tracks house, I find it hard to accept it as just that. Ever since I first heard, the Will Ferrell from Old School aided track, "I Like You" I've had a hard time quantifying Greene's releases. They are quite simply quality, thoughtful and supremely designed electronic productions. Just damn good music, regardless of genre.After having already heard both "You Can't Deny" and "Afterglow" on Bump In The Hump, it's my pleasure to be able to play yet another cut from Feel Infinite tonight, "To Say." You can also see Jacques Greene as he returns home to Toronto at the tail end of his tour, April 15th at Velvet Underground (RSVP and Tickets). "To Say" isn't the only Friday release that gets a spin on Bump In The Hump tonight, I've also got a track from BADLQQK's RQQKIES 2. Nor is Feel Infinite the only new album represented, as I've got a track from Honey Beard's debut Dreamless Sleep, out this Friday. Finally we enjoy an onslaught of house from Cosella, Smalltown DJs, Pat Lok and birthday boy Frustra, who is playing tonight at Edenhall and Saturday at The Beaver. Hear all this and more live on Radio Humber from 6-7 PM EDT, here.