Tuesday, February 14, 2017

12 Best Releases of February 14, 2017

Each day I scan through my soundcloud feed looking for a specific kind of track. One that I like, one that has a generally low number of plays, and preferably one that hasn't been covered by other blogs yet. Today however I seemed to find more than normal, actually an even dozen. So instead of writing a longer piece about one track, I've opted to showcase all of them with a brief sentence or two, detailing why I like them so much. Check them out below and grab the free downloads where applicable.
Hero - Dirty Work
Calgary's Hero has been on a role lately, producing a number of breathtaking tracks, including his VHS Pop EP. This one excels with a Daft Punk vibe alongside some truly touching lyrics and a godly groove.

Realmind - Malta (Billboard Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
This is some Montreal on Montreal mixing here. It's got a ton of guts and some wild future bass mentality. The sound design of each element is extraordinary, and the progression is perfect.

Malaa - Bylina (Lick Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
The latest Malaa production is already making waves around the world, and while I appreciate its vocals and much of the design, Lick's remix speaks to me even more. I prefer a fuller drop than what the original offers and this one has just that, there's no boring bits or points in which I desire more.

Kream - Love You More (Nate Lowpass Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
As he notes in the track description, the vocals have an immediate allure, and Nate Lowpass's mix suits them brilliantly. The bass plays perfectly and drives along with the tuned drum fills.

SL.Y - F.U.N. ft Hesk
Toronto's Bedroomer collective have themselves a new club focused compilation called Mainroomer. Along with tracks from Kare and a collab between Internet Daughter and Eytan Tobin, this one shows sensational synth work and awesome vocal chops. Its furious pace is as exciting as it is enjoyable.

LigOne - Choose The Flow
This one sparkles right off the bat, and only gets brighter and bouncier as it goes along. It shows off LigOne's incredible ability to bring together so many elements and have them work in sync superbly.

Anna Lunoe - Radioactive (Masayoshi Iimori Remix) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
After dropping off six official remixes Friday, Anna's added another five including this from Masayoshi, as well as G-Buck and Vices. This mix once again proves that there's no one that can truly match Masayoshi's production style. His almost schizophrenic treatment makes this a psycho club killer.

Tennyson x Mr. Carmack - Tuesday
Easily the most laid-back track in this list, the seemingly opposing styles of this collab actually work wonderfully. It's got the jazzy feel of Tennyson guiding the movement, while Carmack's club qualities shine through. Stay tuned for Wednesday and Thursday forthcoming via Red Bull Sound Select.

Shawn Wasabi - Spicy Boyfriend
The cuteness of Shawn Wasabi's productions cannot be overstated, nor can the quality of his sound design in this track. Its youthful play makes me overflow with an unbridled feeling of freedom. I highly recommend checking out the video of him performing it live from his bed, here.

The Kount - You Glow
This is some kind of Kaytranada, Anderson .Paak stuff, and boy am I glad to have found it. The groove and feels it exudes are extraordinary. It meshes live performance and electronic production seamlessly.

Coolights & Element - Show U (ft. NKOLO) [FREE DOWNLOAD]
How a track can simultaneously be so banging yet so beautiful and full of feels I'll never know. It reminds me of two of my favourite tracks at the moment, Rytmeklubben's "Like That" and Indiginis' "Get Ur Frk On." I fully expect this to be one of my go to early morning tracks that gives me life.

Terror Jr - Come First (Kid Froopy Remix)
Can you sense a theme here? This too is what I like to refer to as a beautiful banger. It's emotional with its combination of chords and vocals, but what Kid Froopy has done with the drop is sure to have your heart skip a beat. I'm truly speechless. I don't want to do anything but listen to this again and again.