Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Special Extended Episode

After a week off due to illness, I'm back with a special extended episode of Bump In The Hump. It's really hard to take a week off, because the music just keeps pouring in, meaning I'd have to cut out/skip some amazing tracks, and I just can't bring myself to do that. In fact the track I have cue'd up to kick off this week's episode came out the day I last did Bump In The Hump, January 25th, and I even spoke about it during that show with RYME. It's the latest from Tiga, "Eye Luv U." Running at nearly 8 minutes long this would normally take up nearly a seventh of the episode, and it's not the only epic track that arrived in my inbox over the past two weeks. That's why I asked to get an extended episode, to which Radio Humber obliged. In order to accommodate the Friday rebroadcast, this episode will run just less than two hours in length, allowing me to give several artists their Bump In The Hump debuts, play more monumental tracks, and not only host my interview with Frustra, ahead of his My Mixtape episode Friday at 11, but also make an exclusive premiere of his latest track "B.O.U.N.C.E." Since it's unreleased you'll have to wait for tonight to hear it. But I will give you a further sneak peek at tonight's episode with the lead track from Jesse Zimmerman's most recent EP."Sombre Dance" comes from the three track Mourning Dance EP, which you can download now for free. As you can see by these two teasers, you're in for an absolutely enormous episode bursting at the seams. You can catch it all live starting at 6 PM EST, here, and as per usual the episode will be uploaded for streaming after the fact, via mixcloud, and hosted with tracklist on this very blog.