Thursday, February 02, 2017

cavest - what is life

A year ago this month I wrote about cavest and his dual release rve/rlx. That soundcloud account has since been removed, as has the track "rve" (although it seems to have been logged on, with "rlx" reposted to his new account. It seems the German producer has been busy since that last post, releasing at least 10 new productions. The latest of which speaks to my flu-induced delirium, "what is life." Sticking with his trap stylings, cavest does a brilliant job setting the atmosphere around echoing modulated vocals, sneaky string slips, and deluge of delightful synth work. It's fluttery and fun, moving as much as an oft-expelled student changes schools. However the key to the quality of cavest's production comes in the combination of his carefully crafted sounds with the wandering synths and vocals. They harmonize so perfectly it cannot be coincidence, it must be the work of a divine creator. Ask the almighty question "what is life" for free via The Artist Union, here. FOLLOW CAVEST: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER