Monday, February 27, 2017

Destructo & Volac - What I Got

Russian duo Volac have teamed up with don of west coast deepness, Destructo to create an edgy, grind it out, house number that further propels the combination of rap and hip-hop vocals with deep bass house grooves. Destructo has been cultivating this style for the last couple years, along with the likes of Dr. Fresch and Night Bass Records. "What I Got" is yet a further example of the quality that can come out this pairing of slick, intimidating vocals and stormy, ominous production. It almost has a bit of a callback to bloghaus, in its rough sound design, built around gritty vocals, à la "Beeper" or "Hustler."

Certainly the scene at large has changed, as well as the expectations of the particular sounds and their delivery, but if we were to hear "What I Got" 10 years ago, I imagine it would fit in fairly well. Perhaps the biggest differences between this and a decade prior, is its slightly more refined digital sound design, and its dependence on deeper drums to drive the groove. "What I Got" succeeds in combining scratching effects, an ever growing atmosphere of intimidation, and a surefire shuffling groove. It commands attention while not being overly needy, it just bumps along doing its thing. Whether two hours or 10 years old, "What I Got" is a potent production, that I'm sure will garner a lot of club play. Pick up what Destructo and Volac got, for free via The Artist Union, here.