Sunday, February 26, 2017

Dimatik - Into The Sea (ft. Enya Angel)

For some reason, I find I don't write much about trance here. I play a considerable amount of it on Bump In The Hump, but for whatever reason I don't cover it much. I think part of the reason is the almost insular nature; it's hard to mix it with other genres. You could also make the case that the golden age of trance has come and gone, but that's really a discussion for another day. Anyway, I've come across a track from Aussie artist Dimatik and vocalist Enya Angel that I just couldn't pass up.

Whether it's the track's title, the production, Angel's vocals or the fact that Titanic has been on AMC nonstop, I cannot help but picture "Into The Sea" in James Cameron's world. Dimatik's production cruises like the legendary vessel, slicing like a knife through the endless ocean. He surrounds Enya Angel's vocals with an incredibly strong atmosphere, as epic and well designed as the Oscar sweeping film. Her voice becomes evermore haunting in its elegance, buoyed above the turbulence below. It is this contrasting of the peaceful calm and overwhelming intensity of the throbbing bass that affects us listeners so thoroughly. That's one of the keys of trance, the upper echelon of BPMs, making our hearts pound faster, heightening the depth of the emotions. Like James Cameron, Dimatik too finds a great treasure at the bottom of the ocean. Dive "Into The Sea" and get it yourself on Spotify or Beatport. FOLLOW DIMATIK: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER