Friday, February 10, 2017

Exclusion - Daily Routine

Exclusion, a primarily dubstep producer from Calgary, just dropped a track called "Daily Routine." However the three and half minute ride is anything but regular or usual. He paints the cyclic procedure as the opposite of a mundane repetition; it's progressive, full of childlike energy and allure. We could only hope that our days were as exciting as this track. "Daily Routine" feels like a beautiful euphoric video game; it's a shimmering infinite landscape that overflows with the feelings vitality and security. The piano and percussion combine to give it a liquid jazz feel, utterly in the pocket. I'm taken by not just its elegance, but the exquisite journey, full of life and humanity. "Daily Routine" is available for free download on ToneDen, here, as part of LA based label, spirited.'s Free Spirits Vol. 4 compilation. FOLLOW EXCLUSION: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER