Monday, February 20, 2017

Gusto - Disco's Revenge (Wonder K Remix)

Classic 1996 house track "Disco's Revenge" from American producer Gusto, just received a reinvigoration from London's Wonder K. The original track and its title are themselves homages to an earlier time in music, sampling Harvey Mason's 1979 track "Groovin' You," and named after a Frankie Knuckles quote in which he refers to house music as "disco's revenge." And while this track was re-purposed and released yesterday, it says true to its roots, maintaining a healthy house groove.

"Disco's Revenge" glides along effortlessly filtering in and out guitar riffs, booming bass, and classic DJ effects. Although it's rather simple and not overly alluring, it's the kind of track that would fit flawlessly in any house set, keeping the groove going while not calling too much attention to itself. And that's exactly what I love about true house music and the way electronic music came about. It's about dancing and having fun, not focused on being showy, cool or trying to outdo other producers with big bass or dumb drops. It just is. It's simple quality, nothing more, nothing less. Hats off to Wonder K for keeping it real. Get your copy of "Disco's Revenge" free from The Artist Union, here.