Sunday, February 19, 2017

Holly - I'm No Better (ft. Apollodor)

Portuguese prodigy, Holly, who seems to put out either a collab or a track of his own every week, is at it again. He just dropped a decidedly more laidback track than his usual output. "I'm No Better" with guest vocalist Apollodor, takes much of the production we've come to expect from Holly and repackages it in a touching, emotionally aware design. The atmosphere immediately envelops as though entering a smoky after hours club. It feels a lot like a Jacques Greene production, the way Holly blends Apollodor's vocals with his carefully caressed production. In spite of its bleepy, clicking nature it's as smooth and subtle a track as you could hope for. It's supremely satisfying and full of hope. Pick up your slice of sultry smoothness, "I'm No Better" and enjoy it endlessly, for free from ToneDen, here. FOLLOW HOLLY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER