Saturday, June 17, 2017

Newtone - Move

Continuing this stretch of killer G-house tracks that I just cannot ignore, comes "Move" from Croatia, courtesy Newtone and Moretin, a blog and free download label. Released yesterday as part of the 3 track Moretin Talents EP, "Move" was the standout for me, in part because of its incredibly intense atmosphere, but also Newtone's hypnotic yet playful progression. The goal of G-house is always to create an unease, an anticipation of the evil lurking around the corner, and Newtone has perfected that here. Even though "Move" is massively heavy, pounding with each step, you don't quite know what abhorrence it's truly capable of until it barrels around the corner with the first drop at 1:01. The wubs there are absolutely wild, and the way Newtone's worked them is truly vicious, but in my eyes it's the little clicks and rings that take it from a mere campfire to a blazing bonfire. Get "Move" free, here. FOLLOW NEWTONE: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER