Friday, June 30, 2017

Elley Duhé - Immortal (Snakehips Remix)

Back in December singer/songwriter Elley Duhé dropped her debut track "Immortal," which has gone on to garner more than a million plays on Soundcloud alone. This morning megastars Snakehips have added their own touch to the ear-worming awesomeness of "Immortal." Their energetic and eclectic mix of sounds and styles instantly grabbed me, reminding me Wave Racer's remix of their own track "All My Friends," as covered on this blog here. It's smooth, super sexy, and slightly spicy. The bed that Snakehips have built brings the bounce big time and just feels so incredibly comfortable, that I want to lay in it all day and night. If I owned a radio station, I'd be sure to have this playing multiple times a day, it has everything: catchy vocals, exciting instrumentation and a groove that just doesn't die.FOLLOW ELLEY DUHÉ: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER