Friday, June 30, 2017

Koos - Bolt

There's just something about how the French do house music. Whether it's legends like Daft Punk or more recent upstarts like Malaa, Tchami or even Dombresky, their understanding of and ability to create club worthy house tracks is uncanny. The latest example comes from Koos, whose track "Bolt" rumbles so relentlessly that you may not be able to scrape yourself off the dancefloor. It reminds me a lot of what CastNowski is doing, utilizing a variety of sound effects, while playing with the incredibly potent bass. I'm not sure you even have to voluntarily move, the subwoofer should take care of that. From the percussion, the synths, the bass, the vocal samples and overall atmosphere, Koos hits on all cylinders. "Bolt" is available 100% free, here.