Monday, June 19, 2017

blackbear - do re mi (Y2K Remix)

Yesterday afternoon Y2K teased us by wondering aloud on Twitter whether he should "drop a new song tomorrow," but after some convincing, he decided "k im doing it." With his first tweet of the day, he delivered his resplendent remix of blackbear's "do re mi."

If you know anything about Y2K (other than his twitter persona), you know how well he works around vocals, and the emotions he's able to amplify through them. This is not to say that blackbear's vocals are without emotion, but the way Y2K has built around them shows off his godly skill, as though the music bed grew organically out of nature. There's rattles, loon calls and just an all around incredibly palpable atmosphere. The design around the strident strings at the centre of the action grabs at your heart without remorse, making it nearly impossible to breathe.

In my mind, this is what makes Y2K's productions can't miss, he walks the line between lifeless electronic productions and living breathing, acoustic organisms. If you're afraid of feeling things from music, this track is not for you, otherwise enjoy the undeniable heart of "do re mi." At the point of writing this no download has been made available, but check back and as I'll update if and when it does. FOLLOW Y2K: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER