Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Crash Land - Crash Land (BIJOU Remix)

Newcomer Crash Land, who is still only sporting a single eponymous track, has just received four remixes from the likes of Rootkit, Sacha Robotti and ye. The final remix of the month old "Crash Land" comes from Phoenix based G-House producer, BIJOU. If you've ever come across any BIJOU before, you'll know what to expect, but if you haven't, just press play on this and make sure your sub-woofer is sufficiently loud. There aren't many producers that you can trust as much as BIJOU to make you lose your mind when the thumping subs come through. This is only amplified by the chilling lines Crash Land's laid down in the original, enough to garner 350+ thousand plays. Successful G-House requires potent production overlaid by an atmosphere of unease aside catchy vocals, all of which are delivered in this raucous remix. Hitch a ride on BIJOU's banger for free via the Artist Union here. FOLLOW BIJOU: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER