Thursday, June 22, 2017

Interview with Biz Davis

Earlier this week I spoke with Biz Davis, who's had his hand in several different jobs through his nearly two decade long "odyssey" in the music business, including his current role as manager for BADLQQK. In anticipation of his set for My Mixtape, this Friday at 11 PM EDT, I bent his ear for nearly a half hour. Through these dozen or so interviews, I've had the pleasure of speaking to several smart and well spoken people, but Biz's grand perspective may have been the most enlightening. Stream below.
Topics include: his odyssey from the 90s to now and the many jobs he's filled, the populist connection between Hip Hop and electronic music, how electronic music has changed in the past 2 decades, his perpetual positioning at the "left of centre," the commercial reality of the music business, his disdain for gatekeeping, the necessity of passion and authenticity, the value of challenge, why he's kept coming back, his work with BADLQQK, the longevity of house, what's next for him and BADLQQK, and of course his set for My Mixtape.