Sunday, November 13, 2016

Madeon & Porter Robinson at Danforth Music Hall Tonight

Tonight's the night that the youthful genius of Madeon and Porter Robinson finally bring their highly touted Shelter Live Tour to the 6ix. They'll be performing at the Danforth Music Hall, alongside openers Robotaki and Danger. Of course the tour is named after their collaborative track "Shelter," but there's much more you can expect from this dynamic duo, and their live performance. If you don't mind spoilers, there's a full video of their set from their stop in Atlanta, two months ago.
If you'd rather not watch the concert twice in one day, but still want to get hyped for tonight, my recommendation would be to check out the brilliant anime Porter put together for their collab.
If that's not enough to get your motor running, I've compiled a list of my favourite five tracks from each Madeon and Porter Robinson, including some of their own remixes and remixes of their originals. Remember this is a live set at Danforth, but there is an after party, DJ set planned for The Hoxton, if that is more your speed. And to be honest, that's what caused me to really fall in love with Porter. His set for the Monstercat Showcase at Tattoo last summer, is still one of my favourite mixes of all time.Tickets are scarce for both events, but you may be able to snag one from a seller [live show] [DJ set]