Saturday, March 26, 2016

Photay - Sadie EP

There really is nothing like waking up to new music in your inbox, especially when that music is so bright, sparkling, uplifting and like nothing you've ever heard. That is the case when I opened up Photay's latest release, Sadie, a four track EP on Astro Nautico. Light hearted and full of joy, Sadie's collection of tracks sail smoothly along with vibes reminiscent of SBTRKT, Danny L Harle and Ryan Hemsworth. Just last night, on my way home from Keys N Krates, I found myself clamoring for more midrange music (not downtempo or bangers), so I immediately went to my go to tracks Henrik The Artist's remix of Mark Redito's "So Many Things To Tell You," Y2K's remix of Noonie Bao's "Pyramids," and Tennyson's "Slipperz." It's the immense creativity and playfulness of these tracks, that you find front and centre in Photay's productions.

Each of the tracks has incredible progression and movement, alongside a wide array of instrumentation. While building the tracks in a way that injects familiarity, each track boasts a creative freshness that is incredibly alluring. There are no weak spots, or even ordinary or middling tracks in Sadie; it would be impossible to choose one as my favourite. The lead track "Zeitgebers" performs its function perfectly, building its playful repertoire piece by piece with the utmost intelligence. "Monday," the track featuring himself as vocalist, shows incredible, subdued beauty, so much so that you'll never be able to view Mondays the same way. "Trophy" may be the most boisterous of the bunch, and excels with triumphant synth work, worthy of a victory parade. The final, double track, "Wipe The Sleep From You Eyes," is both the most restrained yet free flowing musical track, finding room for an incredibly funky and playful sax solo. Sadie will find its way into many of my playlists and should quickly become one of my most played albums. SUPPORT PHOTAY: FACEBOOK SOUNDCLOUD TWITTER