Saturday, May 28, 2016

LH4L - Count On You

There's something in the air, as it warms for summer, that just seems to bring out the best in producers. Other than the obvious tropical, I think the best genre for all around summer listening is future bass (a moniker I'm not too fond of, but that's another story). I've already written posts about L'Homme Aux 4 Lettres (LH4L) before and although I wouldn't classify much of his catalog as future bass, "Count On You" seems to fit the bill. Pitched-up, pained vocals are endlessly toyed with, juxtaposing the refreshing island flutes and percussion. As fleeting as a tropical breeze, LH4L bounces and eventually evaporates the vocals, in resplendent fashion. The play and progression in the drums and flutes are accented ingeniously by sneaky and sudden cut-drops. I sure expect this one to be played a lot this summer, I know it'll find its way into a bunch of my playlists.  Available for free download now, here.