Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bump In The Hump Sneak Peek: Lum - Ima Get U Fired

Just yesterday I was drawn into watching Fifth Harmony's music video for "Work From Home," this time with the sound on, to which I found myself really enjoying the DallasK/Ammo produced synth. I even thought, damn, there's got to be some good remixes of this out there. Coincidentally, while I was putting together this week's Bump In The Hump, and doing my best to check in on Bedroomer's live streamed green screen party, I caught a bit of Lum's set. The videos from which are posted on youtube but, unfortunately there are some geographic blockers that won't allow the longest video to be streamed. However the video below, of Hudson Alexander and Eytan Tobin, should give you a taste of what Bedroomer brought.

During the mere moment between the lag glitches, I heard that very same synth sound and immediately headed to google to try to identify what mix it was. Low and behold it was Lum's very own mix, so generously available for free download. I've now reworked this week's playlist to include this incredible 160 bpm version of 5H, "Ima Get U Fired," featuring a Donald Trump vocal.
Make sure to tune in to the live stream tonight from 11-midnite EST, here, to hear Lum, alongside more of the best new Canadian electronic music. Also pick up the free download, and make sure you follow Bedroomer, quickly becoming Toronto's best arts collective.