Monday, February 01, 2016

Sweet Female Attitude - Flowers (MYLK & Geek Boy Cover)

MYLK and Geek Boy have resurrected Sweet Female Attitude, covering their 2000 single "Flowers." 
Generously available for free, MYLK and Geek Boy's version whirls and clicks along, generating heat with it's chiptuned, video game synths. It's vocals shine through the constant addition and alteration of elements, as though it were a perpetually evolving machine. There's no missing the stages and processes the production moves through. The program whirs to life, lights blinking and slowly coming on, until the code obscuring the vocals is solved and they are reorganized. The lyrics climb, alongside rising video game sample breaks, setting the stage for bounding, synth strides. The resounding slaps jump around full of power, tossing listeners bodies around like rag-dolls. Comfort returns with ringing bells and chimes before building into a malfunction of movement, bleeping and whirling in disarray. That chaos quickly culminates in an incredibly funky, spinning solo, completing the program's process of gaining humanity. Brightly displaying the beauty of it's new found humanity, it succeeds in bringing life to 'flowers' while planting them ever so gently, with its baited piano outro. Pick it up, free, in full WAV.