Sunday, February 21, 2016

cavest - rave/relax

Over the course of the past four days, teenage German producer cavest has dropped two trapped out freebies, "rve" and "rlx" and put them together to create a mini EP, rave-relax
The lead "rlx" came out Thursday, with serious chill vibes utilizing highly modified Lil' Wayne lyrics "sit back, relax" from Rep My Hoodcavest succeeds in injecting this minimal trap tune with seriously intimidating, yet somehow comforting atmosphere. He doesn't reinvent the wheel while employing highly conventional trap sounds, but he intelligently adds subtle yet potent samples,l that only amplify the incredible, brooding aura. The real victory cavest attains, is the playful, almost twerking, beat-flipping following each drop - ingenious and inescapably awesome.

When listening to the two tracks back to back, the link between the two is immediate and clear. "rve" ups the tempo, while remaining cautiously chilled out. Once again, cavest takes advantage of another short-yet-sweet rap sample, this time from Jay Z's Izzo --- "can't leave rap alone the game needs me." And again he bolsters the atmosphere with harrowing female warbles. The track really takes off with echoing instrumentation on the drops pursued by rolling percussion. While both tracks are relatively chill, and obviously not bangers, "rve" brings with it more classic 'rave' elements and movement, encouraging its listeners to get down. cavest deftly delivers a double dose of chill trap that ooze with atmosphere.