Friday, February 26, 2016

Boys Noize - Overthrow

Fresh off the press, label runner, mix master and German genius, Alex Ridha, aka Boys Noize just added to his exhaustive collection of phenomenal techno tracks, with the twisted freebie "Overthrow."

The track's  low, ominous droning entrance sets the cinematic landscape that Boys Noize produces within. Throughout "Overthrow," Ridha demonstrates how he is going to "break you down;" the act of which seems to come easy to BN, as is well evidenced through out his career (eg. Jeffer, &Down, Cerebral). Each sound is perfectly designed playing its uniquely important roles, adding the incredible depth we've come to expect from Boys Noize. The mainly standard techno tuning, sets us up perfectly for the inevitable onslaught of twisting and turning, curve ball break downs. Each iteration becomes more acid tinged, with continually corroding synths. The crafted chaos of the two drops (2:25 & 3:45), stand as a capstone on this pyramid of production. "Overthrow" is a hex that curses and enslaves listeners with the barely audible line "you will never sleep, you'll faint," (at 1:30). Boys Noize has delivered a self-fulfilling prophecy, adding to his overloaded arsenal of rave weapons; proving, once and for all, that he is one of the great wonders of the electronic music scene. Get yourself a copy, and enjoy the video below.