Monday, February 29, 2016

Kill FM - All Day

Swedish duo Kill FM just dropped the absolute scorcher, "All Day" on Spinnin' Records' Oxygen imprint. 
If you're at work, I hope you haven't hit play yet, as the lyrics are clearly NSFW. Even if there were an instrumental version, I'd still say it's not really for public consumption at work. Filled with ridiculously twisted tones, this hard hitter is sure to have your coworkers' jaws dropping to the floor. The drop itself, is like a monster wreaking havoc, toppling skyscrapers, chewing on cars and generally fucking shit up. The monstrous imagery of its roaring synths bears a striking resemblance to the demonic drop of Wax Motif's "Krush Groove." While its depth can't compare to Wax Motif's predatory production, All Day stands out a colossus of a creation. It will have villagers up in arms, pitchfork and torches in hand, looking to exact revenge on Kill FM's behemoth. All Day's energy is incredibly infectious, empowering its listeners like wrestler's ring entrance music. Get your copy of All Day and begin your Jekyll and Hyde transformation.