Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Flaxo Retiring Thanks To Soundcloud?

We have yet another case of Soundcloud's copyright policies striking artists down; it might be a final strike for San Francisco's, Flaxo. Via a facebook post, not more than an hour ago, he expects his account to be terminated within the next day or two. Appreciating the growth as a person and artist, the Flaxo monitor supported, he's decided to move onto another a new alias he's "tremendously excited about." Much like fellow Soundcloud snub Lido, Flaxo's music will live on courtesy a massive, complete discography zip, available for free download. It's sad that Soundcloud helped bring down Flaxo, however I'm confident and excited to hear what he comes up with next. He certainly did a great job blessing us with such a range of productions: the powerful "Cosmic Love" remix, sparkling "Diamonds" remix, striking "Weight In Gold" remix, and, perhaps my favourite, the angelic "Touch" remix. Having remixed such massive artists, Kendrick Lamar, Jamie xx & Jack U, along with the others, his tracks were clearly a threat to Soundcloud's radar, but the 25+ thousand followers also came for his original releases. Get on that free zip and get yourself some final Flaxo.


hey there - how you guys doing? good? cool. I'm doing ok. last week I got 2 copyright takedowns on my Soundcloud page...
Posted by Flaxo on Tuesday, 2 February 2016