Saturday, July 29, 2017

WayHome Day 2 Live Blog

Also live tweeting at @OggieJames

8:15 - the world is awake. At least some people are. Some are still partying from last night.

8:45 - I guess I should get upright. The promise of a coffee makes it worth it.

9:00 - I know there were tons of people and tents and parties, but the light of day really puts it in perspective.

10:15 - walk from one site to another, and back and forth all over again. Lots of people raving about last night's acts (Flume, Justice, Danny Brown, Cage The Elephant), others can't stop talking about tonight's acts (Mura Masa, Schoolboy Q, and Jazz Cartier).

10:30 - impromptu trip to Orillia and the LCBO. So many nice looking summer drinks. Pretty colours.

11:15 - portapotties are death traps. The worst sauna you've ever been in.

12:00 - seems like every other site is doing funnels. The drinking is back in full force.

12:30 - my buddy's friend is getting married just outside the entrance. That should be interesting. Last two years at Bestival I witnessed weddings so why not here too?